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In a blog post for the Economist Group, Vision Critical CMO Tyler Douglas outlines three ways brands today can show love for their customers. Here’s a recap of his tips in the article:

  1.    Treat customers as humans.

With the wide availability of analytics tools, it’s easy to make the mistake of treating your customers as data points. But for data to be useful, it requires a human touch. To keep customers coming back, companies need to understand their motivations, something that data don’t readily provide.

Yes, as business leaders should use data to guide their decisions. But don’t let data hinder you from getting a deeper understanding of your customers. Loving your customers means seeing them as humans and engaging with them to get to the “why” of their decisions.

  1.   Go beyond social media analytics.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have given customers a platform to broadcast their opinions. A deeper look, however, reveals that social media conversations tune in to a small slice of your customers. The metrics you see in social media analytics are dominated by enthusiasts: a core 30 percent of social network users are responsible for 90 percent of posts. Overdependence on social media analytics doesn’t show customer love because it ignores the voice of a majority of your customers.

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  1.   Partner with your customers.

“Today’s hyper-informed, mobile enabled and always-on customer knows more about your products and services than you do,” writes Douglas in the article. “Not only that, they know more about your competitors’ products. It makes sense to bring your customers into the fold and share that information with key stakeholders.”

Indeed, empowered customers are armed with information and insight—and they’re eager to share with companies. If you truly love your customers, why wouldn’t you take this opportunity to listen and to engage?

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