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Forward-thinking market researchers are using insight communities to develop customer relationships, drive ROI and deliver more value to their organizations.

In this video, we compiled stories of how researchers from Alliant Energy, POLITICO, Horizon Healthcare Services and Wolverine Worldwide leverage insight communities in their role.

Here are some highlights from the video.

On the research advantage of having a community:

“With other forms of research, you can go out and survey thousands of people and ask them what they think really quickly, but rarely are you able to get to the sample of your own buyers or your potential buyers that you have carved out for you with a community.”
– Kate Pinkham, VP of consumer insights and market intelligence, Wolverine Worldwide

On the sales impact of insight communities:

“The insights from the [POLITICO Insiders] community helped bring in about $5 million in revenue within the first 8 months of the community.”
– Rebecca Haller, managing director, insights and data, POLITICO

On the speed of gathering insight:

“I can get [our patients’] feedback, and it influences decisions now versus waiting 18 months to figure out, ‘did it work?’”
– Brian McLane, director of product management, Priority Health

“We get feedback incredibly fast. We’ve done studies where we get feedback in three days. As someone who has worked in market research for 15 years, that was never something you could imagine happening.”
– Jay Driggers, director of customer experience, Horizon Healthcare Services

On improving customer experience metrics with customer insight:

“We’re particular proud of the fact that our Power Thinkers have helped to reduce the number of regulatory complaints that we receive by 50 percent, we’ve increased our J.D. Power score by 15 points, and we also increased our Net Promoter Score by more than 75 percent.”
– Tim Heinrich, director of customer support services, Alliant Energy

On the career impact of having insight communities:

“Creating the insight community has been the most important tool that I’ve created and had to work with in all of my career.”
– Mike Thiede, customer experience consultant, Alliant Energy

Market researchers who use insight communities do significantly more activities in less time without increasing their budget. Learn more about the ROI of establishing an insight community.

How to Use an Insight Community to Improve Customer Experience

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Kelvin Claveria

Kelvin Claveria was formerly a Content Marketing Manager at Vision Critical.

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