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Evolving consumption habits have significantly impacted the media and entertainment industry. The last few years have seen catastrophic declines in viewership across many iconic TV companies. In just a few short months, some media companies even saw 39 percent of their stock price fall. The traditional media and entertainment model is no longer viable, and companies must decide whether to sink millions into developing content and technology that might capture audiences’ fleeting attention.

Vision Critical’s upcoming Customer Intelligence Summit in Chicago, this September 20-21, brings together leaders and professionals from media and entertainment companies, each with tactics to share about how to survive the industry’s disruption—and thrive.

Here are six must-attend Summit sessions for media and entertainment professionals just like you.

Global expansion best practices from ESPN

U.S.-based global broadcaster ESPN has a mission to serve sports fans anytime, anywhere. ESPN ultimately wants to give sports fans content tailored to their specific needs. This means optimizing the experience across multiple platforms and giving fans many opportunities to engage with the brand on a local and global level.

Join Dave Blumberg, associate manager of advertising insights at ESPN, for a Summit strategy breakout session on how to drive growth with metrics-driven marketing. ESPN, for example, has multiple regional insight communities that help Blumberg establish new fan personas, involve fans in strategy development and build more effective campaigns.

Engage Millennial audiences using authenticity

Everyone wants to know how to engage Millennials and earn their trust. “Authenticity breeds loyalty,” says Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller. This is especially true when it comes to young consumers. When only 36 percent of consumers trust big brands to do the right thing, it’s no wonder that 90 of the top 100 brands have lost significant market share.

Join Miller during his keynote speech to learn how major brands earn consumer loyalty by creating authentic products, authentic marketing campaigns and an authentic end-to-end customer journey.

Tom Vanderbilt reveals why your audience likes the things they do

Tom Vanderbilt TasteWhy do audience’s choose your content and not that of your competitors? How can entertainment companies capture the fleeting attention of mobile audiences? What might resonate with your U.S. audience, for instance, doesn’t necessarily work for new markets as your company expands globally. Rather than trying to predict the answers, you need to understand what consumers want and why—and how that changes from region to region.

Hear New York Times bestselling author Tom Vanderbilt explain how our tastes are formed in a world of bewildering choice. He offers a new perspective on where preference and taste come from. In his keynote speech, Vanderbilt will use psychology, marketing and neuroscience to uncover how taste is transmitted in our digital age. He’ll discuss how choices are made, why consumers gravitate toward the familiar and the secrets to winning products.

Lessons from 11Alive on how to set yourself up for success

Local U.S. broadcaster 11Alive aims to become a market leader in consumer engagement by growing both on-air and online audiences. The company’s insight community gives Amanda White, the director of insights and strategic marketing at 11Alive, the opportunity to learn how to best engage with local audiences. White will be the first to tell you how easy launching a new insight community can be, with some careful planning.

Join White to learn how to mobilize stakeholders, consider multiple strategies and get early wins from your community.

E.W. Scripps and Viacom Africa generate better content with consumer feedback

It’s not enough to rely on gut instinct alone when making million-dollar decisions about brand and marketing content. The risk of missing the mark are too great.

Broadcasters E.W. Scripps and Viacom International Media Networks Africa have figured out that engaging with viewers on an ongoing basis for feedback can help create and improve their content—and build more loyal audiences. Attend this session to discover which content should be vetted by your audience and what this means for your bottom line.

HarperCollins makes Big Data relevant to its business

HarperCollins Publishers is one of the world’s largest publishing companies. Nearly 200 years in the business, HarperCollins has published authors such as Mark Twain, the Brontë sisters, Agatha Christie and J.R.R. Tolkien. The company’s leadership team knows how important quick, data-driven decisions are for today’s business climate, which is why consumer intelligence has become a company-wide priority.

Catherine Makk, VP of global insights at HarperCollins, will join Lauren Meewes, senior program manager of seller experience at eBay, for a strategy breakout session on Big Data. Together they’ll explain how global brands can collect data from multiple sources and put it into context to find real takeaways. Learn how to use customer feedback to decipher what your data can’t tell you and to solve challenges embedded throughout the company.

The upcoming Summit offers business leaders and professionals in any industry the opportunity to learn from, get inspired by and network with the best minds in customer intelligence. Join us in Chicago this September 20-21.

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