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Yesterday at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, we unveiled new and exciting products and solutions that will help companies gain the customer intelligence they need to win in today’s business world.

The new capabilities in the Vision Critical platform are shaped by the realities and challenges of modern business. Today, empowered customers have higher expectations from the companies they buy from. Smart companies know that in order to win, they need to collaborate with customers and turn them into trusted advisors. To succeed, businesses must build a more meaningful relationship with customers.

With that in mind, the next generation of Sparq, Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform, is designed to help your company with the following business goals:

  • Get continuous, trusted insight directly from your customers. At Vision Critical, we believe in the notion that behind every data point is a person. Indeed, our Sparq customer intelligence platform was born from the idea that when you engage a community of your customers in an ongoing conversation, you develop a better understanding of their motivations, preferences and needs. But to harness actionable insight from your customers, you don’t just need a community—you need an engaged one. That’s why the next generation of Sparq offers new, innovative ways of making sure that your community is active and thriving so you can grow your customer understanding with each activity you deploy.
  • Engage customers at the speed of business. Today’s business landscape is increasingly becoming mobile-first. The empowered customer demands a mobile-optimized experience regardless of the device they’re using. Customer engagement needs to be just as seamless. That’s why we’ve redesigned the members experience in the next generation of the Sparq platform to be seamless across all devices—including desktop, tablet and mobile. We’re also introducing an exciting new way of driving in-the-moment engagement so you can reach the right customers at the right time with the most relevant activities.
  • Leverage the science of market research to get a fuller, deeper understanding of your customers. To provide more value to the business, professionals in marketing, customer intelligence and innovation should be focusing on business strategy rather than handling administrative tasks. Drawing on our proven experience in marketing research, the next-generation tools and templates in the Sparq platform are now infused with best practices. The simplified experience will help you become more effective and efficient, helping you make a bigger impact in your organization.
  • Prioritize the privacy of customers who provide your company with feedback and insight. The empowered customer demands privacy. When customers engage with you, they need to know that their data is kept private and secure. At the same time, we know that keeping proprietary data and information secure is top of mind for enterprises that we work with. That’s why we support enterprise companies around the world with cloud-based insight communities that are always on, fully compliant and secure. We complete annual independent audits receiving SOC2 reports and implement comprehensive security mechanisms, so you can feel confident in knowing that your organization’s data and your customers’ personal information are always protected.

Here’s a deeper look at the new capabilities in the Sparq platform that will help you with the business objectives outlined above.

Keep a pulse on your community.

Maintaining a thriving insight community and developing a better relationship with your customers is easier than ever with Community Metrics. Get real-time access to metrics like community size, engagement activity and community profiles. With this insight, you can increase the level of engagement in your community—a critical step to generating quality insight from your community over time.

Community Metrics in Sparq, Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform

Capture in-the-moment engagement.

Drive rapid, in-the-moment engagement with our new mobile app, Engage by Vision Critical. Connect with the right people and ask timely questions by reaching members of your community based on their location or the time of the day.

The app supports iBeacon and geolocation technology, allowing you to trigger activities as customers are in the midst of the activity you’d like to ask about. The Engage app unlocks opportunities to talk to your customers when the activity is most relevant to them.

Engage mobile application - Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform

Spend less time on administrative tasks.

With Activity Creation, we’ve significantly reduced the time and energy it takes to perform administrative tasks. Use intuitive drag-and-drop controls to create new activities. Add multimedia files and YouTube videos easily to keep activities engaging for your customers.

The improved experience is designed to help you focus on what really matters: using the intelligence you get from your insight community to help shape business strategy and make a bigger impact in the organization.

Activity Creation in Sparq, Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform

Grow your collective wisdom.

Deploy activities within minutes, not weeks, with the built-in Activity Library—a collection of survey and discussion templates for the most common business problems. These templates are created, vetted and constantly updated by industry leaders, so you can be confident that the design of your activities are based on sound and effective marketing research practices.

Activity Library in Sparq, Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform

Answer targeted business questions.

Finding answers to your business questions should be as easy as searching the web. With Search, finding historical insight is now painless. As its name suggests, this tool in the new generation of Sparq lets you search keywords across your insight community data, making it easy to access, compare and compile the collective wisdom of your customers.

Search in Sparq, Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform

Empower your entire organization with customer insight.

Become a critical source of customer intelligence in your company by helping answer business questions at a cross-departmental level. Aptly called Stories, this capability in the next generation of Sparq enables you to share customer insight-driven stories and create beautiful visualizations. Stories empowers you to provide solutions to key business challenges with speed and ease.

Stories in Sparq, Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform

Join us on this journey to the future of customer intelligence.

Vision Critical customers will begin to get access to many of these new capabilities in the coming weeks. Our customer success team will be in touch with more information. (If you're not yet a Vision Critical customer, you can request a demo to schedule a one-on-one consultation.) 

These exciting improvements to our platform represent just the beginning of the future of customer intelligence. Our investment in product innovation is driven by a desire to ensure that our customers are equipped with the most advanced tools to better understand the motivations, preferences and needs of their increasingly empowered customers. More crucially, our objective is to turn customer engagement into actionable intelligence that improves the way you do business and drives your revenue and profitability in the long term.

By Kobi Ofir, chief technology officer at Vision Critical, and Bruce Warren, senior vice president of product marketing at Vision Critical 

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