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Building a CX program that delivers ROI requires identifying the moments in the customer journey that actually matter.

At the Customer Intelligence Summit, three CX experts discussed how they identify pain points in the customer journey—and how they turn those moments into opportunities to delight customers. The session featured Nathan Foco, senior director of market intelligence from Priority Health, Molly Schmied, director of market research and insights from The Ohio State University, and Virginia Russell, senior business consultant of customer intelligence from Southwest Airlines.

Here are some highlights from their informative discussion.

Make CX a company-wide priority

When everyone, from the customer-facing staff to the executive suite, focus on customer experience, meaningful change happens. According to Foco, at Priority Health, the patient experience is not owned by a single department. Rather, it’s a collective effort owned by every team and individual in the organization.

The speakers emphasized that getting buy-in from the highest ranks of the company is critical to drive real transformation in the customer journey.

Think about your customer’s experiences outside your brand

Your customers don’t live in a vacuum where only your brand exists. Their experiences with other companies—not just in your industry—influence how they perceive your brand. As Doug Stephens mentioned in a recent webinar with Vision Critical, people now compare everything to top brands like Amazon and Apple.

According to Schmied, companies need to keep track of trends not only in their market, but in the wider business world. She mentioned how Millennials and Gen Z now expect “Amazon-like” service. For the Ohio State University, this means that some younger donors expect more information on the impact their contribution is making, just like Amazon lets them know where their package is at all times.

Remove data silos

One obstacle to identifying the moments that matter is how different departments and teams don’t share information. When that happens, companies don’t get a full picture of the customer journey. They lack a beginning-to-end view of the customer experience.

Priority Health developed its company-wide metric, called CEI, with help from its insight community, and fleshed out the KPI with a chosen group of internal stakeholders. The result is tighter data integration across the organization and a more complete view of Priority Health’s consumers. CEI is now a metric used in all departments at Priority Health, providing the organization a common language when speaking about CX improvements.

Getting actionable insight from your community doesn’t just happen magically. CX must be a company-wide priority where the whole context of a customer’s experiences is considered. Using the data across teams and departments and giving value back to customers are also essential.

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Kelvin Claveria

Kelvin Claveria was formerly a Content Marketing Manager at Vision Critical.

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