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Is building customer relationships part of the new mandate for marketing? In a recent webinar with Brian Solis, renowned author, digital analyst, and speaker, we explored the stages (or "moments," as Brian likes to put it) in the customer journey that can help companies connect more effectively with their customers.

Here's a recap of highlights. You can access the on-demand recording here.

We didn't get to answer all the questions posted during and after the webinar, so we compiled the answers below. Thanks again to all of those who attended.

How do I prove within the organization that engagement and building customer relationships is the new road for marketing?

Studies show that customer-centric companies outperform others. I suggest showing them our infographic (based on several studies) that demonstrates how outperforming companies approach customer-building. Research shows that 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, so building relationships can truly drive revenue. If you're curious how this looks like in a real-world setting, please see our webinar with NASCAR.

Does your platform evaluate customer churn, including why customers abandon your company or jump to a competitor? Is there any competitive analysis included?

Vision Critical offers a service called VC Voice of Market where companies can engage non-customers on an ad hoc basis. When used with a customer intelligence platform, listening to the voice of the market can give important insight on your competitors and your industry.

How can we learn more about our customers and engage them in a conversation without intruding on their privacy?

Ultimately, it's all about consent. Ask customers to be part of your community, and be honest about what you're doing with their input. Treat your customers as partners - involve them in many aspects of your business. Don't forget to share back what you're doing with their feedback.

How can I use customer intelligence to improve customer experience in B2B setting?

I like Brian's advice to begin with empathy - and this applies to B2B also. Listen to your current customers and understand the sales process in their companies. Because 57% a typical buying decision is made before a prospect contacts a vendor, you need to do your homework and lead with insight. Who are the bottlenecks in the sales process, and how can you empower end-users to convince the right decision-makers to make the purchase? What are the most pressing issues facing your prospects' companies? You can answer questions like this (and help smooth the process for prospects) if you talk to your customers on a regular basis.

Can't I get attitudinal and emotional customer data on social?

The great majority of social media users are lurkers. While they check Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, they rarely post. If you're relying on social listening alone to understand what customers think and feel, you're hearing only from the loudest and most active users. What you hear on social may not be an accurate depiction of how the rest of your customers truly feel.

While listening on social is a great starting point, engaging the right customers at the right time and in the right way is crucial. A customer intelligence platform lets you validate what you hear on social, giving you the necessary insight to make better informed business decisions.

Can I get a copy of this presentation?

Yes, a more condensed version of the presentation will be on Slideshare! Check out the Vision Critical Slideshare to see the presentation soon. [Update: The presentation is below.] You can also watch the on-demand recording of the webinar.

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