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If you work in market research, you probably know Ray Poynter. A renowned author, Ray is one of MR’s most influential voices, speaking frequently at conferences and writing regularly for the NewMR, Greenbook and Vision Critical blogs. Ray’s thoughts on the future of market research are sought after by both industry veterans and young professionals.

We’re thrilled that Ray is speaking at this year’s Vision Critical Summit in Chicago. Ray will deliver his presentation on October 21, the first day of the summit.

Ray isn’t a stranger to regular attendees of the Vision Critical Summit. Ray’s presentations are always a hit with customer intelligence professionals who attend the event, and we have no doubt that his talk will once again inspire this year’s attendees.

Ray’s provocative talk will focus on an urgent topic for researchers: how to thrive as an insight professional in the current business landscape. With more choices available to them, customers today are less loyal to brands; they also expect more from companies they do business with. Market research can provide the competitive advantage companies need to thrive, but insight professionals need to be more agile and resourceful.

By examining major trends shaping the industry, Ray will share 10 must-do tactics market researchers need to adapt now in order to survive. Ray’s talk will expose the weaknesses of traditional market research thinking while offering actionable tips that will help researchers become smarter, more effective and more relevant in their profession.

We’re excited to have Ray back at the summit, and we hope you are too!

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