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When you want to hear from the right people at the right time, you need an approach that reaches people where they are. Our friends at Comcast had that need for speed. Here's how they got instantaneous insights:

Comcast Got 'Em Right Where They Wanted 'Em
The United States are in the throes of a presidential election, and as part of this democratic process there were four televised debates. For the television networks, political advertising is very lucrative and thus broadcaster Comcast has a keen interest in the viewing dynamics of these debates among their customers.

A typical way to approach research in an area like this would be to do a survey with the audience after the televised event. However, with the current ubiquity of mobile devices it is entirely possible to glean insights while the respondent is in the midst of the viewership experience. This allows the respondent to provide their thoughts instantaneously without having to wait until the next day and potentially misremember or be exposed to stimuli that could bias their interpretations. So what was Comcast able to do?

  • Isolated a universe of potential respondents based on questions in previous studies (yay Community Panels!). Insuring they are mobile enabled and apt to take part in this potentially intrusive survey environment.
  • Invite these members to a short mobile optimized study that opens at the start of the debate programming and closes shortly thereafter (shout out to Vision Critical Community Panels).
  • Despite a desire to keep the survey short and easy to answer, the insights are rich because we can layer in other things we have learned through previous surveys and if we want we can follow up with the same group in future surveys (yay Vision Critical Community Panels again!).

The technology behind Community Panels has come a long way to facilitate research with high speed turnaround. With the ability to link data from one survey to another, we get maximum richness of data with minimum burden on our panelists. With mobile, our research has shown that people like it when you reach them when they want on the interface they want. Read more about our research here.

It is truly exciting to see top notch organizations like Comcast continue to push the boundaries of creativity and derive new ways to do research at the speed of light. Viva instantaneous insights!

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