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In a recent post about the habits of successful market researchers, I urged insight professionals to regularly seek out new insight from books and other online resources. Indeed, if you want to become a smarter researcher, keeping your knowledge fresh and up-to-date is a must.

In this post I share my recommendations for seven resources you should check out on a regular basis. Some of these resources are a specific instance to the market research industry, some are more applicable to the wider business world, but all of them are useful for today’s insight professionals.

1. GreenBook Blog

The GreenBook blog is edited by Lenny Murphy, perhaps the most influential market researcher voice in insight innovation. The blog features a new post from contributors each day from a wide range of leading names in the insight and market research arena. By regularly featuring new voices in the industry, the GreenBook blog also consistently pushes the industry into new ways of thinking.

2. Quirks

If you want to find research advice from other market researchers, Quirks is a good place to start. The site has a lot of content, so you might find yourself skimming the articles before finding one that applies to your query. Quirks is also useful when researching a specific topic or methodology that goes back a few years. In market research, advice on tools and techniques are helpful when they are new, but when you’re evaluating different methods and comparing research designs, it’s often better to look at articles written when the technique was being developed and tested. Quirks' deep database of resources is helpful for that.

3. Research Business Daily Report

Bob Lederer of the market research news publisher RFL Communications produces five-minute YouTube videos about the industry on a regular basis. His videos usually cover short news pieces, opinions from insight practitioners and interviews with thought leaders. If you only have a few minutes to spare every day, Bob’s Research Business Daily Report can give you a nice, curated summary of what’s happening in the industry.

4. Research-Live

Research-Live is focused on research news, although it also carries blog posts and articles written by industry thought leaders. Research-Live is produced by the Market Research Society, a leading industry association from the U.K. Similar news sites and blogs include MRWeb and RW Connect, a blog managed by ESOMAR.

5. A business source

Following a leading business publication is a good way of getting a broader perspective and having something interesting to add in meetings and reports. Pick a different one from your colleagues and contacts to ensure you have something new to add to the picture. Here are four popular publications that I recommend reading:

  • Forbes is an American magazine and website focusing on business-related issues. Forbes produces a wide range of interesting articles from many different thought leaders. For example, one recent widely read article on is “Are You A Leader Or A Follower?” by Travis Bradberry.
  • Wired is an American magazine and website that focuses on how technologies are impacting culture, the economy and politics. Wired tends to cover technical topics in an approachable fashion. An article from 2014 that highlights the way Wired can bring a technology into better focus is "The Oculus Rift Game That’s So Real It Nearly Destroyed Me" by Chris Kohler.
  • The Economist is a weekly British magazine with an accompanying website. The Economist deals mostly in hard news and its target tends to be people who focus on evidence-based decision-making. Its coverage breaks into three main categories: global news, business news and a short technology section. One of the quirks of The Economist is that it does not name its writers, aiming to produce content with consistent quality. The recent article “Myths About Millennials” provides a good example of Wired’s focus on evidence-based thinking.
  • Fast Company is similar to Wired but with a slightly more modern and less reverential tone. It includes more business and design related content. One recent article that nicely explains a modern tech and design issue is "The Agonizingly Slow Decline Of Adobe Flash Player" by Jared Newman.
6. #NewMR Twitter stream

Many cutting edge insight and market research practitioners stay on top of industry trends through Twitter. However, Twitter can be an enormous time suck, so you need a more streamlined strategy.

I suggest following the hashtags #MRX and #NewMR, where most things worth knowing about are covered. The market research Twitter community usually shares important content multiple times, so if a piece of news or content is really critical, you’ll likely see it again.

7. Vision Critical Blog

If you have got this far through this post, you’ve probably already decided we have something interesting to say. The Vision Critical blog frequently runs posts by a wide range of authors. The key focus points for our blog are customer centricity, insight communities and the use of customer intelligence to drive better business decisions. Sign up for a weekly newsletter to get Vision Critical blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.

What would you add to the list?

Here are my seven recommendations. What would you add to the list of daily sources of news and updates?

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