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Most companies today want to improve how they serve their customers. In many industries, providing a seamless shopping experience can provide strategic competitive advantage. But when it comes to optimizing your customers’ experience, your social media dashboard might be leading you towards the wrong path.

As we revealed in our report, What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You About Your Customers, the data you get from social media analytics focuses on a vocal minority. If you’re relying on social media analytics to shape customer experience, you’re making decisions based mostly on the behavior of the enthusiasts: users that post 5 times a week or more and that make up only 29% of your social media audience. These users differ from dabblers (social media users who post 2 to 4 times a week) and lurkers (who post once a week or less) in a way that might mislead your customer-experience strategy.

Business leaders need to be aware of how enthusiasts differ from other social media users because this loud minority is overrepresented in analytics tools. Our report highlights 3 ways that enthusiasts shop differently from lurkers and dabblers.

  1. Enthusiasts are more likely to rely on social media for purchases.

An apparel company that we partnered with for the report found that social media plays a larger role in the path to purchase for enthusiasts. For lurkers and dabblers, not so much. So if you’re making digital-marketing decisions based on social media analytics alone, you’re not really considering a great majority of your target audience.

Social media-inspired purchases

  1. Enthusiasts care more about the mobile experience.

Mobile also plays a bigger role in how enthusiasts shop. These users are more likely to do comparison-shopping on mobile while in a store. Moreover, they care more about the mobile shopping experience. Looking at social media analytics could over-emphasize the importance of mobile.

Social media users: Mobile attitudes and shopping behavior


  1. Enthusiasts shop offline differently.

When it comes to offline shopping, enthusiasts also differ from lurkers. They’re more likely to make both social media-inspired and apparel purchases in big box stores. Social data could be giving you a distorted view of your customers’ in-store experience.

Social media users: Big-box shopping

If you’re serious about improving customer experience, it’s crucial that you not only reply to online complaints but that you use customer feedback to drive real business results. Look beyond social to understand how you can deliver better products and services and to provide an experience that’s relevant to the majority of your customers.

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