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It’s hard not to notice what’s going on in the world of data privacy these days. From new regulations on the table in multiple jurisdictions globally to huge brands being fined millions of dollars in massive penalties due to data breaches and lack of compliance with existing regulations, the free-for-all consumer data collection practices are being left by the wayside for a more transparent customer experience.

As a company that has made its name by enabling some of the biggest brands in the world to engage their customers through transparency and trust, earned through consent and maintained by continually making choices to do the right thing, we understand the challenges this new world order brings to former best practices in marketing and advertising. “Easy” isn’t always best—especially when it comes to building and running a customer-centric business.

With this backdrop of a rapidly changing consumer data landscape, Vision Critical is excited to announce our Sparq Fall ’19 release available today. This latest release, developed in partnership with our customers, accelerates time-to-value for Sparq customer insight communities to achieve richer and deeper customer data application.

As part of this release, Vision Critical’s experienced customer insights professionals have created a new set of best practice activity templates designed to help brands easily receive active consent to gather the direct customer data necessary to drive insights for the most common research methodologies, and in turn generate a faster return on investment. Whether organizations are looking for ideas on brand and category measurement, idea generation and refinement, or simply ways to best engage with insight community members,  our new templates can speed the time-to-value in collecting meaningful customer data to provide a consistent flow of reliable, actionable insights to organizations.

The configurable templates help marketers and insights professionals:

  • Quickly and easily gather insights for the most common research methodologies to generate faster ROI
  • Meet organizational needs with the flexibility to customize or use templates as designed
  • Leverage insight community best practices to ensure activities are short, conversational and engaging for better member experience
  • Minimize ramp-up time for new insights professionals and begin fielding new research activities quickly

Once this precious customer data has been collected, applying it throughout an organization’s data systems to enhance other data sources and drive better, more accurate results such as better segmentation or targeting, becomes paramount. To ease the customer data application process, also available with our Sparq Fall ‘19 release are new high-performance APIs developed to increase the performance and scalability of bulk data exports to enrich systems of record like Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), or Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) with direct voice of customer data.

With the new APIs, marketing and insights professionals can:

  • Centralize customer data by moving Sparq data into a data warehouse for more accessible and complete reporting and dashboards
  • Augment anonymous DMP data with customer IDs and additional first-party data from Sparq to help with accurate segmentation and targeting
  • Conduct look-alike modeling by using Sparq profile variables and response data in your DMP to increase ROI for marketing campaigns

So how does the new Sparq release help brands in today’s data privacy challenged landscape? As Scott Miller, CEO of Vision Critical explained, “we continuously engage our own customers to understand how we can help them transform customer data collection and application in their organizations. Most of the guidance we get is to 'make it easier' to do the right thing. With each release of Sparq we are improving workflows and making it easier to earn and maintain customer consent, leading to deeper and more actionable customer insights.“

Our Sparq Fall ’19 release does just that.

Learn how Sparq can help your organization create value through continuous, earned consent data today.

Consent Data: The Key to Unlocking Valuable Customer Insights

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