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This week, the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival opened up its PanelPicker, giving people a chance to vote for the sessions they'd like to see at the event.

The festival attracts leading thinkers in technology and marketing but can understandably only accommodate a small percentage of the nearly 3,000 speaking proposals it received for next year's event. Roughly 30 percent of the sessions next year will be determined by people's votes.

Scouring the list of session proposals, we're very pleased to see many proposed talks touching on themes and topics related to consumer insights. Here are 12 proposals - including six from Vision Critical - you might want to check out and vote for:

  1. The Sharing Economy 2.0 - Jeremiah Owyang

Why you should vote for this session: Jeremiah's recent work shows how the sharing (or collaborative) economy has changed customers' relationships with brands and how it is disrupting various industries as a result. Knowing the future of the sharing economy - and how your business will be impacted - provides valuable insights on how to drive innovation and customer engagement in your company moving forward.

  1. What Social Media Analytics Can't Tell You - Alexandra Samuel

Why you should vote for this session: Jeremiah Owyang will join Yahoo's Virginia Heffrnan and the Packard Foundation's Beth Kanter for a discussion about social media analytics. Moderated by Vision Critical VP of Social Media Alexandra Samuel, the panel will explore how brands can improve social media analytics by combining survey and social data.

  1. Big Data & the Goldilocks Paradox - Reggie Bradford, Tara Roberts & Moritz Jeremie

Why you should vote for this session: Turning transactional, behavioral and social data into actionable insights is a hot topic among marketers, and this session promises to insights about organizing and analyzing data for enterprises.

  1. Privacy, Permission and the Evolution of Big Data - Andrew Grenville

Why you should vote for this session: Right now, big data is like the Wild West, with many companies playing with big data but very few rules regulating its use. Marketers need a better grasp of consumer expectations around data use and how they can work with consumers to continue to facilitate smart and ethical use of big data.

  1. Why Customer Delight Should Be Your Business Model - Demian Sellfors

Why you should vote for this session: Anything that involves delighting customers delights us, too. We're curious to hear Demian's take on using cross-platform customer service as a competitive differentiator and how online technology can help.

  1. The Missing Piece For Customer Centric Companies - Andrew Reid

Why you should vote for this session: Vision Critical founder Andrew Reid grew up in the market research industry. In this session, Andrew will reveal why brands today continue to miss insights from consumers and how they can change that ASAP.

  1. The Art & Science of Social Listening - Anne Tailllandier & Kristin O'Halloran

Why you should vote for this session: When done right, social listening can complement the data you get from insight communities. Promising to include specific case studies, this session should include examples of how top-tier brands listen and engage people on social networks.

  1. Social to Sale: How Social Media Drives Purchasing - Alexandra Samuel, David Sevitt & Lena Lam

Why you should vote for this session: We recently revealed results from an 18-month study on how social media translates into sales. The 2014 SXSW presentation will show the continuing evolution of social media usage and revenue by adding the latest insights from social media users to our 2012 and 2013 studies.

  1. Consumers and Marketers: From Rivals to BFFs - Jamie Tedford, Jim Yu, Jamie de Guerre

Why you should vote for this session: If you want to win people's loyalty, then you really should be thinking about creating symbiotic brand-consumer relationships. Marketers need to provide real value if they want people to pay attention, and this session promises to teach you how to do just that.

  1. Beauty gets Attention, Insights get to the Heart - Jennifer Friedman Perez & Andrew Reid

Why you should vote for this session: A $63.1 billion industry, beauty is the third most profitable industry in America. But tastes are quickly shifting, and brands in this industry need a better grasp of people's wants and needs. Jennifer and Andrew will discuss how Allure leveraged consumer insights to keep pace with customer expectations.

  1. It's About Your Client's Customers, Stupid! - David Glenn

Why you should vote for this session: David is an advocate for putting the focus on the end user. We're curious to hear how he works with mobile and digital agencies in ensuring that this happens. After all, the idea of meeting the needs of the end user is something we're familiar with.

  1. How to Un-crazy Your Crazy Client - Ashneel Singh

Why you should vote for this session: Whether it's with your clients, co-workers, or your boss, conflict management is something you have to do at one point as part of your professional life. Ash, who is part of Vision Critical's Custom Technology Solutions team, will share what he has learned about conflict management from his 10+ years of tennis coaching.

What do you think of this year's SXSW session proposals? And which sessions are you most hoping to see at the festival in March 2014? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Photo credit: Randy Stewart

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Kelvin Claveria

Kelvin Claveria was formerly a Content Marketing Manager at Vision Critical.

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