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This year, Vision Critical made a splash at SXSW Interactive when we hosted sessions about the collaborative economy, big data and social media analytics. We received overwhelming positive feedback that we're inspired to once again join the conference in 2015.

This time, we're thrilled to partner with thought leaders and customers for seven session proposals that tackle everything from the rise of anonymous social networks to the use of social media analytics for customer intelligence. To be able to speak at the 2015 SXSW Interactive in March, we need your help! About 30% of SXSW Interactive sessions will be determined by public voting, which ends September 5 at 11:59 PM CT.

Below, we've included a quick summary of each session proposals that we submitted. If these topics interest you, please click the links to head to the SXSW PanelPicker, where you can then vote for the sessions. (You will need to quickly register if this is your first time using the PanelPicker.)

Thanks and we hope to see you again in Austin!

  1. Stop calling us consumers! The customer revolution ÛÒ Thao Ngo, Bryan Kramer, John C. Havens and Baochi Nguyen

We're now well into the customer revolution, but many companies still consider customers as mere consumers instead of treating them as partners in their brand. It's time for new kinds of customer relationships. This session will explore new models for customer collaboration and data-driven approaches to customer intelligence.

Discover the strategies for thriving in the #CustomerRevolution. Vote for #SXSWi panel w/ @briankramer @johnchavens. (CLICK TO TWEET)

  1. More data, more audience? Media industry insights ÛÒ Alexandra Samuel, Eleonora Jonusiene, Melissa Gil & Joseph Blechman

At the 2014 SXSW Interactive, we talked about what social media analytics can't tell you...and how you can fill in the gaps in your social media analytics dashboard. This session reveals how three of the world's leading media companies are using the combination of social media analytics and customer intelligence to drive audience growth, user growth and ticket sales.

How can #socialmedia data drive media industry insight? Vote for #SXSWi panel w/ @awsamuel @AOL @Singtel @WBHomeEnt. (CLICK TO TWEET)

  1. The secret ingredient to killer content marketing ÛÒ Nick Stein & Ann Handley

Companies large and small have embraced content marketing, but one source continues to be largely ignored: their own customer data. Find out how transforming customer data into compelling content can build awareness, credibility and in-target leads.

Want the secret ingredient to #contentmarketing success? Vote for #SXSWi panel feat. @MarketingProfs @stein_nick. (CLICK TO TWEET)

  1. The secret of anonymity: What customers won't say ÛÒ Andrew Reid & Sharon Zohar

Anonymous and ephemeral social networks such as Whisper, Secret and Wickr have seen massive growth in the past year. Discover what the rise of these networks reveal about customers' desire to share in a private setting - and what it teaches businesses about anonymity.

Curious about the rise of anonymous #social networks? Vote for #SXSWi session feat. @ReidAndrew @getmoodi. (CLICK TO TWEET)

  1. Customer engagement in a customer-centric world ÛÒ Tyler Douglas & Elias Hadaya

In the world of philanthropy, organizations face constant pressure to secure both funds and volunteers. Learn how World Vision, the leading child sponsorship organization dedicated to helping children and communities, has taken an innovative approach to better understanding its donors.

Learn the secret to better customer engagement. Vote for #SXSWi session feat. @TylerDouglas & @EliasHadaya. (CLICK TO TWEET)

  1. Why businesses can't afford to upset customers ÛÒ Andrew Reid

With the convergence of social, mobile and big data, customers are more empowered to share than ever - and they do. With unhappy U.S. customers costing businesses an estimated $537,030,000,000 a year, it's more critical than ever to keep your customers happy. Learn the secret to customer happiness and what you can do to avoid upsetting your customers.

You can't afford to upset customers. Learn the strategies for #CustSat--vote for @ReidAndrew's #SXSWi session. (CLICK TO TWEET)

  1. Content is king, but the editor is queen - Alexandra Samuel & Ania Wieckowski

The rise of content marketing means that many marketers and site managers now find themselves in the role of editor, too. But what does it take to turn good ideas and smart content into readable, compelling copy? This session maps the success factors in building editing relationships that will turn your online newsroom or blog into a compelling destination for your customers and prospects.

Yes, content is king, but the editor is queen. Learn how to write compelling copy w/ @awsamuel @agwieckowski #SWSWi. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Which 2015 SXSW Interactive sessions proposals are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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Kelvin Claveria

Kelvin Claveria was the former Content Marketing Manager and was responsible for Vision Critical's blog and social media marketing program. Before joining Vision Critical's global marketing team, Kelvin worked at Dunn PR, a Vancouver-based public relations firm. His experience includes working with lifestyle, real estate, and non-profit clients to develop social media marketing and PR strategies. Kelvin has a Bachelor of Business Administration from SFU's Beedie School of Business.
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