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10 growth hacking tips from #INBOUND15

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Business Strategy

Why social listening is no longer enough in today’s business world

While it’s critical to consider the benefits of social listening, it’s also necessary to be cognizant of its limitations. … Continued

Business Strategy

The strengths and limitations of social media listening: A Q&A with Sailthru’s Ed Sullivan

Can tuning in to social media really help companies drive revenue? We asked Ed Sullivan, a former Radian6 exec, for his perspective on social listening. … Continued

Customer Intelligence

Here’s how Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, could transform your business

The newly released Twitter app Periscope offers a modern twist to better understanding customer opinions, behaviors and preferences. … Continued


Cause marketing gone wrong: What sparked the Starbucks “Race Together” backlash

Race Together encouraged Starbucks baristas to start a discussion with their customers about race relations by writing “#RaceTogether” on coffee cups. … Continued


Love your angriest customers [New Vision Critical ebook]

Written by Vision Critical’s Chief Marketing Officer, ‘Love Your Angriest Customers’ explores how companies can use customer anger to improve the business. … Continued


Why social media analytics can’t help improve your marketing strategy [infographics]

Can social media analytics help marketers come up with better strategies? That’s one of the key questions answered in a Vision Critical report. … Continued

Business Strategy

Social media analytics can’t tell you how to serve your customers

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3 reasons why social media can’t tell you who your customers are

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New data reveals what social media analytics can’t tell you about your customers [Infographic]

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3 questions retailers need to answer about social commerce this Black Friday

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4 examples of companies that took a human approach to marketing

If you‰’re looking to embrace the human-to-human (H2H) approach in marketing, here are some examples to emulate. … Continued