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Earlier this month, more than 130 leaders in insight, CX, marketing and innovation gathered together to fill the rooms at New World Makati Hotel in Manila to discuss the future of customer experiences in the Philippines. Throughout the day one key message emerged: the brands that embrace customer-centric, insight-driven decision making are rising above the rest.

According to many of the speakers, shifting from being data-aware to insight-driven is the key differentiator to growth in the Philippines. Leading brands are focussed on placing the customer at the heart of decision making by using customer insight to inspire and guide innovation.

AXA Philippines, PLDT and Globe Telecom took the stage to share challenges, successes and examples from their journey to becoming customer-led. Here are some key highlights shared throughout the day.

AXA Philippines: Delivering superior digital experiences

"Customer insight fuels innovation," said Rico Valdez, customer relationship management director for AXA Philippines. Rico took the stage to share how the company's online community, MyAXA Cafe, has fueled innovation and digital developments over the past year.

By engaging customers across the entire product cycle, AXA Philippines co-developed digital innovations that enable customers to access policies and make payments across multiple platforms, 24/7. By prioritizing and fine-tuning features based on customer insight, AXA Philippines successfully cut service center enquiry costs by 42% year-on-year, increased application downloads by 2.5 times, doubled usage rates and saved over four years of accumulated working days in resources.

PLDT Enterprise: Tapping into B2B markets

As the B2B division of the wider PLDT business, PLDT Enterprise faced continuous challenges when generating insights from their customers.

How could PLDT Enterprise understand B2B customers at a deeper level and ensure they were delivering a product of value to business end-users?

Emerson “Sandy” Roque, AVP and Head of Enterprise Analytics from PLDT, took the stage to share how they use their insight community to meet the demands of the business. With direct access to B2B customers through the insight community, Sandy and his team have generated insights to help their internal stakeholders leverage their products and services, enabling them to reposition their approach for target markets. Within 12 months, the PLDT Enterprise team successfully achieved sales targets, saw a seven times increase in cloud SaaS revenue and reduced research timelines by half.

Globe Telecom: Tuning into the customer voice

Over the past four years, Globe Telecom has been committed to delivering insight-driven, customer-centric business solutions. Keynoter Jennifer Echevarria, VP and head of analytics, market research and portfolio management, shared that the business has shifted around the voice of the customer, ensuring all decisions are made with the company’s 65 million users in mind.

"We have 65 million voices, and 65 million reasons to do what we’re doing [with Vision Critical] create empowered customers," shared Jennifer. In one example, the Globe Switch App was continuously tested and refined by community members which, after launch, saw a 33% increase in CSAT across Globe’s customer base.

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