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Vision Critical recently hosted an Agile CX lunch event in the city of Melbourne. We encouraged storytelling, peer-to-peer networking and the sharing of insights and ideas. Across the group of 20 CX and insights leaders, we were fortunate to have an array of industries and brands attend, including Foxtel, Myer, ME Bank and Carsales.

During the afternoon gathering, Ian Jackman, Head of Data Enablement captured the audience to speak about his journey of establishing the true voice of the customer at Bendigo Bank. Here he shared more about the organisation, the miVoice Customer Community, outcomes, technologies being leveraged and challenges and lessons they have faced throughout this transformation.

Most importantly discussed were strategies around how Bendigo Bank has achieved first place on Forrester’s Australia CX index three years in a row!

Three key themes have been highlighted from the discussion:

An anecdotal focus to evidence-based to insight and action

Reflective of most organisations as they reach maturity, there are different stages across the voice of customer journey. Initially, there tends to be a period based on anecdote, i.e. decisions made from stories and assumptions. This then progresses to evidence-based information, ultimately advances into insight and action.

By moving through the stages of this model, the end goal is to create consistency, definition and logic across the organisation around a true representation of the customer. This collection of actionable insights can be embraced and leveraged across the organisation to help suffice departmental needs and wants. With the creation of a concrete understanding comes a reduced risk, when making informed decisions off the back of this.

Building customer-centred intelligence

The voice of the customer program at Bendigo Bank entails a range of different sources, with its core purpose of uncovering the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.  The ability to dive deeply and practice agility by collecting information at speed from their dedicated customer group in the miVoice community, facilitates a ‘test and learn’ culture which is in turn collated, built into insight and converted into actions.

This combination of technologies and data architecture has enabled the transition from reactive to proactive – anticipating and driving change based on customer feedback and actively identifying opportunities. For example, tackling long wait-times in call centres to achieve a 79% faster response to customer calls and a 90% drop in phone queue complaints. With an established voice of the customer, it is critical to reflect results back into the organisation and measure performance over time.

Customer metrics are of high importance at Bendigo Bank, hence sit alongside the People, Risk, Financial metrics at the board level down. This includes three core categories: Attract, Please and Grow. ‘Attract’ relates to brand awareness, equity and interest in the solutions. ‘Please’ focuses on responsiveness. ‘Grow’ is the overall outcome and ability to meet the needs of the customer. 

Organisational alignment as a challenge

A major challenge faced is alignment across the organisation; having a top-down intent, purpose and commitment to the customer, with delivery, value and experience being bottom-up. In order to overcome this challenge, Bendigo Bank recognises the need to work collaboratively to collectively achieve the goal of delivering a consistent customer experience across every touchpoint.

To help facilitate this transition, the organisation's focus has now shifted from a traditional ‘Product per Customer’ view, to one that is ‘Understanding Customer Needs’. This creates an emphasis on meeting a customer’s collective need as opposed to a product need. By journey mapping from a customer sense instead of a product sense, it uncovers emotive journeys and common needs across the customer base. With this information, and by creating an understanding of the entire journey, it allows Bendigo Bank to deliver on their main focus and purpose, which is being an enabler for their customers, helping them get to their destination.


“We focus on creating an understanding of the entire journey and the context of our role as an enabler, not a destination. Organisations often think it’s all about the product - the product is not the end game, the product is an enabler for the end game. This is often challenged in a lot of traditional organisations and structures.”

– Ian Jackman, Head of Data Enablement, Bendigo Bank


From these discussions, it is clear that in order to ensure a consistent customer experience across an organisation, there is a need to create focus at a granular level. By doing this, it becomes clear how to make a difference to the overarching goal and enables the connection of all parts of the business back to the metrics. Agile CX helps to achieve these goals through fragmentism, iterative progress, speed and cross-functionality, while focusing on the voice of the customer to create a world class experience.

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