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Is Vision Critical right for you? And are you right for Vision Critical?

With our rapid growth and recognition as a top employer for young people, Vision Critical is in hot demand as a place to work and we are constantly looking for top talent to join our team in many different areas. IT, Software Development, Research, Sales and Marketing are just a few of the departments currently looking for rock stars to expand their teams.

Before you apply for a role at Vision Critical, it might be helpful to know what it’s like to work here. If these qualities sound like you, you just might fit right in with the VC family:

You are always on the go. At Vision Critical, we might think of a pressing research question on a Tuesday and have a thousand surveys answered by Thursday. It’s a very fast-paced and fast-changing environment; there are always new challenges just around the corner.

Just like our software and research model, our whole business runs at light speed. Our people are innovative, flexible, creative, driven, and smart. Find routines boring? You’ll never get them here!

what its like to work at VC 1

You want to leave your mark. We don’t abide by red tape; we want out-of-the-box thinkers who will bring new ideas to the table and come up with solutions no one has thought of before. That extends beyond the day-to-day work: hackathons, beer for blogs, and staff surveys are some of the creative ways we gather input from our people to constantly improve our business. At VC, you can make a real contribution and leave your mark not only in your job, but in the company as a whole.

what its like to work at VC 2

You enjoy casual. From our interns to our founder Andrew Reid, we treat blue jeans as a uniform—after all, you can’t rock an Indo Board when wearing a suit. Every day is casual Friday and we love it that way.

You love what you do. Our people know their stuff and are passionate about what they do. They see their work as a hobby and take their areas of expertise way beyond their daily work. You’ll find us highly involved in industry events, local groups, professional boot camps, and conferences. We are happy to encourage and support our people in their growth.

what its like to work at VC 3

You like foosball. Or running. Or ping pong. Or knitting. Or World of Warcraft. The point is, you bring your passions to work and share them with us. Our people are always coming up with different activity groups at VC and making our workplace a lot more interesting and fun.

By the way, the VC team does have a reputation in foosball. We even host (and usually win) the occasional epic foosball tournament. But if you can’t play, we won’t hold it against you.

what its like to work at VC 4


Does this sound like you? Then check out of careers page to find opportunities that would be a good fit for you. Don’t forget to stalk us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay posted on what we’re up to.

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