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Digital analyst Brian Solis is making waves among marketing and CX pros with his new and provocative book. X: The Experience When Business Meets Design was released in late 2015 and quickly become a best-seller. Since the book’s release, Solis has spoken at several high-profile conferences, including the recent SXSW Interactive and Adobe Summit.

In an upcoming Vision Critical webinar, The Customer Experience Revolution, Solis will share concepts and insight taken from his book. He’ll also provide actionable tips on what companies can do to improve the end-to-end experience of their customers. Nick Stein, senior vice president of marketing at Vision Critical, will join Solis in the webinar.

To give you a preview of what to expect from the April 14 webcast, here’s a look at what experts are saying about Solis’ book. (We’re also giving away several copies of the book—check out the end of this blog post for details about the contest.)

The best customer experience book of the year

In a glowing review on, Jeremy Goldman, founder and CEO of the consultancy Firebrand Group, proclaims X as the best CX book of the year.

Calling X a fascinating read, Goldman says the book makes a compelling argument that products alone aren’t enough to achieve business success—that “creating and cultivating meaningful experiences are what is going to drive your brand forward.”

Goldman is impressed with the substance of the book but also with its design. “Busy business people will love the modular way this book reads. It feels as if you can pick up one page, absorb the whole thing, and then skip 20 pages and read an entirely different yet connected substantive idea.”

X is one of a kind, according to Goldman. “The fact that there really isn't anything else out there like X makes me tip my hat to Solis, and gives his book my top recommendation.”

A source of tangible insight

In a Huffington Post article, Simon Mainwaring, CEO of the brand consultancy We First Inc., gives X high marks.

X provides business professionals at all levels, from entry to executive, the reasoning, motivation and tools to put customer experience at the center of your business,” writes Mainwaring.

Solis, according to Mainwaring, uses quotes, facts and case studies to illustrate and back up his ideas.

“He offers tangible insight on how to break out of legacy thinking, philosophies, processes, and systems that inhibit the creation of elevated experiences for customers to match their changing habits, values and behaviors,” adds Mainwaring. “Brand leaders who seek to adopt this digital-first approach will highly appreciate the book’s roadmap for gaining internal, organizational alignment.”

An inspiration for action

Dylan Kissane, content marketing manager at the software company Doz, calls X an “instant classic.”

Explains Kissane, “While he offers a strong theoretical argument to underpin his work, Solis keeps his focus on the practical. X will appeal to business people who want to move ahead in their design, practices, and systems, and who can be humble enough to learn from both Solis and the numerous world-class examples he offers in the text.”

Kissane also complements the book’s design, saying, “The presentation and design of the book is interesting, colorful, and a tribute to the talents of designers at [the advertising agency] Mekanism.”

X is an “inspiration for action,” concludes Kissane, because it motivates readers to make meaningful changes in their business.

Not your typical business book

In a VentureBeat review, staff writer Ken Yeung outlines why X stands apart from other business books littering the market.

“Instead of focusing on business strategy, X looks more at sociological issues and questions of design,” Yeung says. “It offers a high-level discussion about what companies need to do to develop rapport with their customers, rather than diving into specifics about how to go about doing that.”

Yeung notes that the book’s inventive design helps illustrate points from Solis’ book and “proves that he practices what he preaches.”

Adds Yeung, “Instead of the standard format, X was made like a coffee table book and designed to be read as you would a magazine on a tablet device. What Solis wanted to do was challenge the status quo and re-architect the experience for today’s consumer.”

A game-changer

Blogger and consultant Sunny Lenarduzzi says X is an “absolute game-changer.”

“From the content, to the way the book is designed, to the way of actually reading it, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before,” Lenarduzzi says in a video reviewing the book. “If you work in marketing, you definitely want to be following Brian Solis and you definitely want to read this book.”

One of Lenarduzzi’s favorite takeaways from the book is the concept of the “accidental narcissists,” the idea that customers today are constantly connected and are always multi-tasking. The book challenges companies to become part of the customers’ “ego-systems” (a play on “ecosystems”). To do that, companies need to understand the motivations of their customers.

X is a must-read for marketers, according to Lenarduzzi. “It’s a new way of thinking of how to engage with your customers.”

Win your own copy of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

If these reviews made you excited about getting this book, you should read on! We’re giving away copies of the book—and entering the contest is easy.

To win, just tweet this:

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You can also enter the contest simply by retweeting this:

People who register for our upcoming webinar with Solis are also automatically entered.

To hear more from Brian Solis and hear his provocative thoughts on improving the customer experience, save your spot for The Customer Experience Revolution.

Update: Congrats to @TriDork85, @mjassal, @salesma1, @digitalgonzo, @zontziry, @odelannoy, @lynnvos, @ColinShaw_CX, @beinpulse and @Leonrudd for winning a copy of X!

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