You can’t risk developing a product no one wants to buy. To innovate with confidence, you need continuous feedback, at the speed of business, from the people who know your brand best: your customers and partners. Engage with real people, get higher response rates and collect the actionable feedback you need. Confident product development decisions mean shorter sales cycles, greater brand loyalty and happier customers.

Your challenges

Outdated market knowledge

You’re missing opportunities by operating with out-of-date information

Limited idea screening

You’re investing in the wrong products and features

Slow innovation cycle

You’re relying on market and customer feedback that’s too slow or unusable

Misguided decisions

You’re depending on ”gut instinct” rather than data-backed thinking

Post-launch paralysis

You’re taking too long to diagnose and triage issues

How you benefit from our software

Build customer-informed market knowledge

Get ongoing, real-time, customer segmentation, up-to-the minute competitive profiles, and build a single view of the customer across the business

Generates ideas collaboratively

Create new products, and get early stage ideas validated, in collaboration with your customers

Drives smart product building

Collect instant feedback from ideas to launch, infusing customer intelligence into UX and design.

Build Successful Products

Validates go-to-market messaging

Launch assumption tests (positioning, packaging, promotions, creative), and test prices and elasticity.

Assesses post-launch success

Track soft metrics, collect feedback on key moments, conduct transactional deep dives and spot problems early.

Dewalt consumer insights generated from Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform

“Our insight community is integral to us delivering new programs and projects, and growing the business. The speed of insight is one of the best things about using Vision Critical.”

—Shannon Chenoweth
Market Research Manager, DEWALT

Gather the feedback you need to make impactful decisions with confidence.