Bupa: A true customer champion in health care

How Bupa can fuel digital innovation and experiences with customer-driven insight 


With Bupa continually driving digital innovation, Syed Ahmed, Head of Digital Products and Operations, says “our focus is to build skills and abilities in the digital space and use that as a mechanism to get closer interactions with our customers” – CIO 

To do this, Bupa needs to co-create and validate digital innovations with customer-driven insight. Using an insight community allows you to engage with customers throughout the entire product cycle – leveraging real-time, ongoing and actionable customer feedback to make business decisions with confidence.

Customer-led brands like Aurora Health Care, Kaiser Permanente and Horizon use insight communities to gather rapid and continuous feedback in a safe, confidential and secure environment.

“Achieving a unified customer experience takes the whole organisation… we want to simplify the experience for customers in their moment of need”. – John Moore, Marketing Director at Bupa Health Care – CMO

“From our global CEO, Stuart Fletcher, all the way down, we have an ambition to be customer led.” Jessica Leefe, Customer Experience Design Manager at Bupa Health Care – CMO

How Vision Critical Supports Digital Strategy

Drive actionable customer insight

Gather rapid ongoing, customer feedback and drive the insight you need to validate decisions

Stay ahead of the competition

Compete fiercely alongside Medibank Private by getting minimal viable products (MVP) in front of your customers, early and often

Lead with agile, collaborative teams

Improve agility through direct and instant access to customers across all departments

Enhance digital experiences

Understand your customer’s journey better through digital product trials and mobile testing

But don’t take our word for it.

“Only by focusing on what our customer needs are, not just today, but as they evolve over time, can we hope to maintain the competitive edge in our products, in our services and in our marketing to our members.”

Ed Lara
Director, Marketing Strategy


“KP Member Voice is a great way for us to reach our members. We can close the loop by showing them we want to hear from them and that their opinion is valued.”

-Karen Tsang
National Market Research


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