Validated, data-driven campaigns that boost revenue

Learn how Australia’s leading consumer products manufacturer created its most successful TV campaign and drove growth in a mature category

Eighty-five percent of consumer products fail within two years of launch.


This high rate of failure reflects the pace at which consumer preferences evolve in an increasingly complex marketplace. In this landscape, the old paradigm of big launches and long lead times no longer applies. To take advantage of trends, marketers need to be more iterative and agile. Creating campaigns and content that will resonate with consumers requires access to high quality insight that will inform better decisions.

To drive ambitious growth plans, George Weston Foods (GWF), Australia’s leading consumer products manufacturer, engages with thousands of customers for co-creation, concept testing and marketing optimization.

Read the company’s story to learn how this CPG leader:


  • Created its most successful TV campaign to date
  • Boosted purchase frequency for a 50-year old brand
  • Drove $3.6 million in incremental unit sales

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For us at Tip Top, the power of insight-driven decision making driven
from Vision Critical has enabled is unparalleled in value for our team,
business and stakeholders.

– Amy Saha, Head of Insights, George Weston Foods