With Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software, you have all of the features you need to engage your customers in ongoing, meaningful conversations to inform your business.

1. Build communities and engage members

activity creation

A branded community website
Engage your customers in a private, secure online community that allows you to share and test ideas, and get continuous, trusted insight.

An intuitive authoring experience
The intuitive drag and drop controls of the next generation Sparq authoring experience make it easier and faster for you to create activities and engage your community members.

Built-in activity library for easy, immediate use
Built-in, industry-leading survey templates crafted by Vision Critical research experts help you get the insight you need faster.

Private customer discussion boards
Build your own private, secure online forums and host discussions on topics important to your business.

2. Grow, manage and segment

Advanced recruitment and engagement tools

Engaged community members provide better feedback. Our advanced member recruitment tools and engagement activities have been designed by Vision Critical experts to ensure you get ongoing insight you can trust.

Progressive profiling of community members
Never ask the same question twice. With progressive profiling functionality you can build a comprehensive view of your customers on a level not possible with ad-hoc research.

Deep audience segmentation
Our filtering tools help you segment your database by demographics and behaviors, so you can get a better understanding of attitudes, feelings, wants and needs.

3. Target and run activities

Customer Intelligence Platform

Fully optimized experience on any device
A seamless, immersive experience across devices allows members to engage in activities wherever and whenever they want.

Enhanced mobile app experience
Unlock new possibilities for rapid, in-the-moment community engagement with the enhanced member location and time-based targeting capabilities available in Vision Critical’s mobile application, Engage.

4. Analyze and report

Real-time community engagement metrics
Access real-time metrics to get a pulse on community size, engagement levels and community profiles so you can continue generating quality insight over time.

Advanced search functionality for historical insight
Find and aggregate topical insight by searching keywords across your community data, making it easy to access and analyze insight gathered over time.

Beautiful and sharable reports with Stories
Increase the impact of your community by easily sharing compelling customer insight-driven stories that address key business issues throughout your organization.

Data visualization with Analysis Beta
The most effective way to tell a story with your data is to present insight in a visual manner. Analysis Beta extends data tables to automatically generate and display charts for your reports, streamlining your report creation process.

customer feedback reporting and analytics
customer analytics and reporting

Vision Critical’s platform provides you with the stability and support you expect from a world-class software provider

Multilingual, global support
Our in-region network of support professionals provide multilingual support by phone and email

Flexible services and support packages
Our enhanced support models, ranging from assisted-serve to full-service models, help you get the most out of your community.

Always-on and secure
Feel confident knowing that your organization’s data and your customers’ personal information are always protected with our industry standard, enterprise-grade software. Our cloud-based software gives you the scale and flexibility required to support ongoing, global insight and delivers automatic updates to the platform.

If you want answers to important business questions, the best people to ask are your customers