Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software gives you the tools you need to ask the right people the right questions at the right time—and the horsepower to crunch the numbers, process the data and deliver deep, actionable insight that drives better business decisions.

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Ask the right people the right questions at the right time

Insight you can rely on to guide your business

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your business decisions, so why rely on ad hoc survey data from unknown people. When you engage a community of your customers, employees and partners in an ongoing conversation, you develop a better understanding of their motivations, preferences and needs. Progressive community member profiling helps you increase your customer understanding over time.

Take the next step in transforming your organization

Rapid feedback when you need it most

Ask your community of customers for feedback or ideas whenever you want, and get instant, in-the-moment responses. Customers can take part in surveys and discussions on any device, at any time and anywhere.

Take the next step in transforming your organization

Make informed decisions

Engage as many or as few customers as you need in your decision making process. Our segmentation capabilities enable you to ask questions to those customers, employees, stakeholders and suppliers who can best assist you in making an informed decision. Search, analyze in real time, create reports and share comprehensive stories about the insights you generate with your community.

Take the next step in transforming your organization

Always on, fully compliant and secure

Trusted and secure feedback on important decisions that impact your bottom line. Built and backed by a team of highly skilled developers, our platform offers you the privacy you need and the technical capabilities you expect of a world-class SaaS solution.

Take the next step in transforming your organization

Feedback You Can Trust:

Only an insight community delivers actionable customer intelligence

The Vision Critical customer intelligence feature set

  • A branded community website
  • Advanced recruitment and engagement tools
  • Intuitive authoring experience via a redesigned Activity Creation tool
  • Built-in activity library for easy, immediate use
  • Private customer discussion boards
  • Deep audience segmentation
  • Progressive profiling of community members
  • Engage mobile app for rapid, in-the-moment member engagement
  • Data visualization via Analysis Beta
  • Real-time community engagement and health status Community Metrics reports
  • Advanced search functionality for historical insight
  • Beautiful and sharable reports via Stories
  • Fully optimized experience on any device
  • Multilingual, global support
  • Always-on and secure
  • Flexible services and support packages

Frequently asked questions

An insight community is a community of your most trusted stakeholders—whether they be your customers, partners, employees, fans, donors or alumni—that give you rapid, ongoing feedback over time, from which you can glean actionable insights and make meaningful business decisions.

The flaws in traditional insight methods are many: surveys provide companies information about customers who don’t want to be surveyed, or about customers who are being paid for their answers. Big data tells us the what, when, and how about customer transactions, but is unable to tell you why they bought from you. Social media analytics misses huge chunks of your customers.

Insight communities are built to meet the specific needs of today’s customer-centric businesses. They’re rooted in intimacy and voluntary participation, and they provide an unprecedented platform for companies to understand their customers’ needs and desires. At a fundamental level, the survey is an interrogation. Insight communities are a conversation.

They allow you to have continuous, ongoing conversations with your customers that allow you to understand their wants and needs more deeply over time. You can draw on insight that already exists instead of spamming customers again and again for information that you already have. An insight community allows you to break down internal silos so you can connect key data sources throughout the insight process.

Insight communities are designed to give you faster feedback and a depth of insight unparalleled by other technologies. This real-time access to your customers allows you to make confident decisions faster. For example, marketers often use communities to test messaging or graphics; market researchers can use a community for a deeper understanding of path-to-purchase behavior; product and innovation teams often use the community for product concept testing; HR professionals use employee communities for tracking employee satisfaction. The possible use cases for communities are nearly endless.

From online training to coaching, phone support and technical help, we have all the tools to ensure your success. However, we also provide enhanced support models to help you get the most out of your community.

Our assisted-serve model includes support on community management, monitoring community health and engagement levels of your members, as well as operational support where required.

For customers who opt for a full-serve model, the Vision Critical team manages everything from strategy and design, as well as analysis and reporting.

In short, you do. Vision Critical’s platform manages your community and houses the data on your behalf. All of the member information and any data you collect belongs to you.

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