NEW: Sparq 3 is the engine that powers your insight community

Sparq 3 has been re-engineered to deliver the most intuitive, user-friendly experience possible. It is a powerful customer intelligence platform that introduces the concept of Relationship Memory™.

Relationship Memory: The future and foundation of customer intelligence.

Exclusive to Vision Critical, Relationship Memory is the ability to connect what you already know about your customers with attitudinal data you collect from your insight community and use that information to learn more, faster than ever.

Uncover insight without having to start from scratch every time, asking repetitive questions, or even without having to ask any questions at all.


It starts by inviting some, or even all of your customers, to join your community. You can recruit from your corporate website, email lists, loyalty clubs or a broad cross section of consumers. Once the invitation is accepted, the process of building customer profiles begins with a series of introductory, one-time, demographic questions.


Sparq 3 allows you to integrate customer data from any source with web-standard and RESTful APIs, so you can connect your insight community member profiles to existing sources of customer data like loyalty programs, CRM systems, segmentation values and more.


Leverage what you already know in order to ask more focused and specific questions. The ability to recall the results of any activity reduces duplication, surfaces insight faster and focuses in on your primary subject of interest sooner.


Continuously amplify your customer profiles with additional customer attitudes and opinions from insight community activities. Sparq 3 allows you to collect and store an infinite number of variables without deleting any information, so you can look back and see how your customers’ attitudes and opinions have changed over time and ask them why – directly.


Our sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to find patterns and trends in your data that reveal the insight your stakeholders need.


With Stories, you can combine findings from multiple reports, annotate the data and highlight key insight. The ability to share stories instead of statistics with your stakeholders improves the quality of presentations and makes findings more memorable.

The stability, support and security you expect from a world-class software provider

Multilingual, global support
Rely on an in-region network of support professionals provide multilingual support by phone and email.

Flexible services and support package
Select a support model ranging from assisted-serve to full-service models, to help you get the most out of your community.

Enterprise grade security
Feel confident knowing that your organization’s data and your customers’ personal information is protected.

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