Sparq 3 is the engine that powers your insight community

Sparq 3 has been re-engineered to deliver the most intuitive, user-friendly experience possible. It is a powerful customer intelligence platform that introduces the concept of Relationship Memory™.

Relationship Memory: The future and foundation of customer intelligence.

Exclusive to Vision Critical, Relationship Memory is the ability to connect what you already know about your customers with attitudinal data you collect from your insight community and use that information to learn more, faster than ever.

Uncover insight without having to start from scratch every time, asking repetitive questions, or even without having to ask any questions at all.

Invite your customers

It starts by inviting some, or even all of your customers, to join your insight community. You can recruit from your corporate website, email lists, loyalty clubs or a broad cross section of consumers. Once the invitation is accepted, the process of building customer profiles begins with a series of introductory, one-time, demographic questions.

Connect your data

Integrate customer data from any source with web-standard and RESTful APIs so that you can connect your insight community member profiles to existing sources of customer data like loyalty programs, CRM systems, segmentation values, and more.

Share and build relationships

Sparq 3 provides social spaces called Member Hubs, a destination that makes sharing, engaging, and building relationships with your customers easier than ever. Share back the insight you learn from your communities effortlessly, and keep them engaged with valuable content like videos, infographics, PDF’s, and more.

Ask any way you like

When you have an authentic relationship with your customers, they will want to share with you – all you need to do is ask. Sparq 3 makes it easy to engage members on-the-go and on the channels they prefer, including email and social media, without sacrificing the ability to target and personalize the experience for them.

Our platform also integrates with some of the most robust research tools on the market like SurveyGizmo and Remesh, which when combined with Relationship Memory™, help you seamlessly and continuously build deeper customer profiles over time and get to more trusted insight, faster.

Know without asking

Connect your existing customer data, like transactional and behavioral data from different systems, or insight gathered from other insight communities, into a single picture that lives in Relationship Memory™ on Sparq 3. Sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities allow you to find patterns and trends in your data that reveal the insight your stakeholders need, all without having to ask your customers.

Plus, get deeper insight and make faster decisions with our proprietary suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications – Customer Relationship Intelligence Science, or CRIS. Built to work exclusively with Relationship Memory™, CRIS can recommend ways maximize engagement with activities, can leverage advanced statistical models to fill in gaps in your data, and can recommend the right activities to drive deeper insight.

Share insight with stakeholders

Insight is most valuable when it’s being used. Distribute what you learn from your insight communities to the edges of your organization using Stakeholder Hubs – collaborative workspaces that centralize insight and make it accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device. This private and secure experience supports sharing of all media types and encourages stakeholder engagement by making it easy for them to discuss and share anything inside of the hub.

The stability, support and security you expect from a world-class software provider

Multilingual, global support
Rely on an in-region network of support professionals provide multilingual support by phone and email.

Flexible services and support package
Select a support model ranging from assisted-serve to full-service models, to help you get the most out of your community.

Enterprise grade security
Feel confident knowing that your organization’s data and your customers’ personal information is protected.

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