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#ILoveCustomers: Love your customers and they will love you back [Contest]

#ILoveCustomers: Love your customers and they will love you back [Contest]

Companies are often focused on winning the love of customers. Whether it’s a SuperBowl ad or a carefully crafted press release, the implicit message in the marketing activities of many brands is this: please love us.

But we think that needs to change. Instead of asking customers to love them, companies should focus on showing how much they love their customers. You need to give love to earn love. When you show customers you truly care, they will love you back.

It’s time we celebrate brands that show their love for their customers. That’s why we’ve launched a new website today celebrating just that. In the #ILoveCustomer website, you’ll find examples of brands that express their love for their customers through videos, photos and tweets. Showing your love to customers isn’t merely a touchy-feely thing to do. The most successful companies put customers at the heart of their strategy. Customer centricity is good business.

Visit the #ILoveCustomers website today and explore cool ways you can express customer love. We also invite you to join the movement and show your customer love using the hashtag #ILoveCustomers on Twitter.

You either love your customers or you don’t. But if you really care, then you need to let your customers know. After all, they expect love to be a verb. Isn’t it time for you to show your love?

For more on this topic, download our recently released ebook on the four tenets of customer love.

The 4 Tenets of Customer Love - Vision Critical ebook


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