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4 infographics that reveal surprising truths about customer satisfaction

4 infographics that reveal surprising truths about customer satisfaction

Every company wants to keep its customers happy. But driving customer satisfaction has never been more difficult. Social, mobile and cloud technologies have given more power to customers—customers who now have higher expectations when it comes to the experiences, products and services that they get from companies.

As the following infographics show, companies must solve some significant challenges in order to meet the demands of their customers.

  1. Shoppers are not that loyal.

Contrary to what many companies believe, brand loyalty is not a factor for driving purchases. That’s according to a study from market intelligence company Market Track, which found that 80 percent of customers are willing to switch brands or stores because of a promotion. The study also found that customers are increasingly turning to online tools to find the best deals.

1. Shoppers are not that loyal - customer satisfaction infographic

  1. Companies have no idea what customers really want.

More companies are turning to customer experience to differentiate their brand from others. But delivering a seamless experience is easier said than done. And, as illustrated in the infographic below, most companies have no clue what customers are looking for. Bridging the customer-understanding gap is crucial for companies that want to deliver a better customer experience.


  1. Customer service is the forgotten marketing channel.

The kind of service that customers get when they contact you influences their satisfaction. Many customers are even willing to pay more for better customer service. “Put the customer back in customer service and make it easier to have a positive experience with your brand,” says Salesforce in the following infographic.

Customer service is the forgotten marketing channel - customer satisfaction infographic

  1. What works for one company won’t work for another.

A 2015 Vision Critical study revealed what customers really want from companies today. The results show the intricate ways that the customer journey has changed (and continues to change). Companies can’t afford to take a one-size-fits-all approach because different groups of customers expect different types of experiences.


These infographics show that empowered customers are demanding more from companies today. Driving customer satisfaction requires a deep customer intelligence—something that companies can only achieve by engaging with their customers continuously and gaining an understanding of their motivations and attitudes. Only through ongoing dialogue can companies gain the insight they need to keep their customers happy.

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  • Sofie Nelen

    I loved this post and the clear, clean infographics to back the story!
    It’s true Customer Satisfaction Measurements are a personal challenge to each company and one that should not be forgotten or pushed aside.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to take up the challenge and get started, this blogpost on how to first get started with 10 simple metrics is a great guide – both for first research, for creating benchmarks and to get data that is useful:

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