“As the pace of decision-making at Adobe has accelerated, our insight community has enabled us to provide fast, reliable insight and recommendations to help our leaders make better decisions.”

—Lori Iventosch-James
Group Research Manager, Marketing Insights, and Operations

Improve innovation with customer intelligence

When the Adobe business model changed from selling traditional software licenses to providing cloud-based services, the product development cycle accelerated dramatically. In order to maintain subscription rates, the company must anticipate customer needs and quickly respond to issues and concerns in real time. The solution: Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform.

Use insight to inform a significant business acquisition

Adobe, wanting to enhance its services platform, planned to acquire online stock photography service Fotolia for $800 million. Before making this significant investment, the company asked its insight community for feedback on market acceptance, usage and a variety of other metrics. Bolstered by robust and timely customer insight, Adobe went ahead with the acquisition.

How Adobe benefits from our software

Contextualize multiple data sources including social media analytics

Infuse the voice of customer throughout the innovation cycle

Promote data-driven decision-making across the enterprise

Informs early product concepts, business strategy marketing, and acquisitions

Learn how you can engage, retain and acquire new customers just like Adobe