“Before our insight community, we were doing traditional customer research and conducting four large-scale, expensive studies per year. Now we are much more agile, engaging with our readers on an ongoing basis. Feedback helps the business improve products, influence marketing strategy and increase ad revenue.”

—Cathleen Williams
Executive Director of Marketing, Allure

Engaging 17 million beauty enthusiasts across multiple platforms

Allure magazine is a leading voice in beauty, influencing over 60 million women’s buying decisions. In recent years the publication has grown into a comprehensive multimedia beauty brand and trusted media partner. As more readers turn online to consume content, Allure—and its advertising partners—needed to better understand how its readers’ behaviors and preferences are changing. The solution: launch Allure Beauty Enthusiasts, an insight community of 40,000 readers who provide the brand with continuous feedback.

Becoming the expert source of beauty consumer insight

Allure now has instant access to thousands of loyal readers who happily help the company make informed decisions on beauty product development, marketing, advertising strategy and other aspects of the business. The brand is renowned as the single best source of expert insight and opinion from passionate beauty consumers. With thousands of new beauty products annually released to the market, brands turn to Allure to learn how products resonate, where they need improvement and how to best advertise to millions of female buyers.

How Allure benefits from our software

Informs smart product development

Directs marketing and advertising decisions

Develops trust as an ad partner

Tests concepts prior to development

Provides continuous intelligence into the beauty market

Creates a bond with beauty consumers

Offering consumer opinion in product development

Allure Beauty Enthusiasts has enabled Allure to work with beauty companies to improve products. For example, beauty brand Jane Iredale came to Allure to test a new makeup. Allure targeted various demographics across its insight community and sent them the product along with questions. Feedback from members shed light on issues with the product’s application and consistency. Jane Iredale made these adjustments prior to launch, including renaming the product to Powder Me SPF—a name chosen by Allure Beauty Enthusiasts. The product, which could’ve failed had it launched without improvements based on customer intelligence, was a success.

Using customer intelligence to support advertising partnerships

Brands in the beauty industry are constantly under pressure to source quality data that meets the specific qualifications of advertising clients. The Allure insight community has been vital in demonstrating the brand’s power as an advertising and media partner. By tapping into its insight community, Allure drives advertising improvement for partners like Pantene and Crest. For example, by testing a Pantene anti-aging hair product and a Crest teeth-whitening solution, Allure learned that ads with real testimonials motivated consumers to purchase at a 70 to 87 percent higher rate than those without.

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