“Our insight community is fundamental to helping the gallery move from a product- to audience-focused organization. In a fast-paced, technology driven and self-curated world, we needed this competitive edge.”

—Natasha Henry
Head of Marketing, Art Gallery NSW

Putting customers at the heart of the gallery

The leading public gallery in Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales faced one of its biggest-ever challenges. Met by an increasingly competitive cultural landscape and evolving audience expectations, it was under pressure to improve public access and the overall gallery experiences. The institution’s leaders, in an effort to make the gallery more customer-centric and gather continuous feedback on marketing campaigns and visitor experiences, launched Gallery Insider, an insight community of more than 2,000 gallery members and visitors.

Redefining the ‘The Greats’ masterpieces campaign

Within six months, Gallery Insider changed how strategic decisions are made across the organization. For example, community members helped develop marketing messaging for a major travelling exhibition of “The Greats’ masterpieces. The gallery learned from community members that campaign advertising would be more appealing if it included reviews from respected critics. While past marketing campaigns would draw 2 percent of total visitors to an exhibit, the new campaign, informed by customer feedback, drove 33 percent—far exceeding sales targets.

How the Art Gallery of New South Wales benefits from our software

Brings audience voice into strategies and campaigns

Improves customer experience through tests and direct feedback

Exceeds sales targets for exhibitions

Illuminates physical and digital customer journey

Improving the gallery experience with visitor journey maps

To overcome an unpleasant visitor experience created by a renovation, the gallery ran a test among insight community members to see how it could resolve issues and improve signage, communication and staff assistance. Community members navigated the gallery space and, using their smartphones, answered survey questions in-the-moment. Feedback showed where navigation or communication was unclear—and where experience could be improved.

Unlocking the power of customer intelligence to improve experience

The gallery’s leaders now have reliable feedback from a known group, and don’t need to rely on gut instinct or base decisions on dated information. Individuals across the organization are now closer than they’ve ever been to audience insight and can bring this intelligence into every stage of the planning process. For example, audience insight preceded strategy and creative planning for an exhibition of nudes from the Tate collection. Audience members gave feedback on which themes and creative messaging resonated with them, helping shape the end experience.

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