“YourSpace has been the key enabler of the ABC’s strategy on being far more audience centric”

— Mark Tapley,
Head of Corporate Strategy and Planning, ABC

Staying relevant despite changing behaviours

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has experienced slow declines in audience reach over the past five years due to increased competition, media fragmentation and changing audience behaviours. To reverse this decline, the broadcaster needed to better understand audience behaviours, attitudes, and motivations to maintain the vision of being the independent source of conversations, culture, and stories across Australia. The company’s solution was the launch of the YourSpace Community, in May of 2016.

Connecting with members

The YourSpace Community enables timely and critical connections with members. Asking more specific questions in the profiling questionnaire captures member media behaviours, along with their interests and hobbies. The community keeps members up to date on new station and product launches, even before ABC staff does. Through the community, ABC were able to track the 2016 Australian Federal Election to gauge audience interest in election issues during the campaign, a previously inaccessible understanding of the market.

How ABC uses customer intelligence to succeed

Drives customer-led decision making

Validates marketing ideas and concepts

Stays on the pulse of customer interests

Uses data and insights to power personalisation

Audience centricity and emerging channels

Deep dives into specialist genres like Arts & Culture and Science have provided key inputs for future programming strategies and funding decisions. Similarly, by polling members about their podcast listening habits, the broadcaster has been able to provide previously inaccessible data on listening habits that had not previously been brought to light.

What the numbers say

Since launching the YourSpace program, the size of the ABC’s research footprint has grown significantly. The number of surveys have increased from 3,000 to over 40,000 per year, and the projected panel size of 10,000 was achieved in just 11 months, with community retention rates of 95%. They have completed their 34,000th survey with panelistsachieving a 37% completion rate across all studies.

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