“Our insight community helps us understand what drives and motivates our customers with real-time feedback. This is important because we’re able to give our advertising clients feedback on their investment, and build strategic long-term partnerships. ”

—Justin Stone
Director of Research, Bauer Media

Establishing brands in a saturated online market

Australian magazine publishers are heavily dependent on newsstands. For Bauer Media, that means competing aggressively every week for share of a $450-million (U.S.) category. Bauer is also contending with changing customer tastes, fragmented audiences and evolving media preferences. For the company, the biggest change is the proliferation of consumer choice. Consumers are more sporadic in their decisions and easily distracted by the plethora of media surrounding them everyday. To build stability, Bauer needed to maintain a dominant share of the women’s magazine category and establish powerful brands in a saturated online media environment.

Distributing actionable customer insight across departments

Bauer Media, to keep a pulse on customers, launched The Insider’s Community, an insight community of over 10,000 Australian women. The community allows Bauer to collect insight quickly and easily, and makes customers a focus of integral parts of the business. Feedback from the community helps Bauer Media predict customer preferences through cover testing, provides key customer insight and return on investment to advertisers, and tests user experiences on digital properties before go-to-market. Bauer can now adapt and distribute same-day customer insight to the editorial, marketing and product teams, and to advertising clients.

How Bauer Media benefits from our software

Predicts customer preferences through magazine testing

Tests user experiences of digital properties

Significantly reduces the cost and increases the speed of insight

Provides key customer insight and return on investment to advertisers

Providing return on investment to advertisers

With feedback from the Insider’s Community, Bauer maintains a pulse on customers—what drives and motivates them, how they engage, what they care about—allowing the company to build more effective, relevant and targeted campaigns alongside advertisers. Bauer can also use community feedback to advise advertising clients on creative, engagement and purchase intent. For one campaign with a multi-billion-dollar skin care line, more than 100 women were invited from the Insider’s Community to participate in product trials. The strategy helped Bauer build lasting value for advertisers.

Predicting customer preferences with same-day insight

In a challenging media industry, every market sharepoint counts. With titles like Cosmopolitan, The Australian Women’s Weekly and Woman’s Day, Bauer Media competes aggressively in the Australian market—it’s a $45-million USD category. Using Vision Critical’s IdeaSuite for magazine cover-testing, Bauer Media is able to generate same-day customer insight and predict weekly share of magazine sales within two or three percentage points.

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