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Closing the data gap to drive policy change, improve advocacy efforts, modernize the brand, and generate revenue

Access to business perspective represents new revenue opportunity

Generated $75K in ad equivalency with just one story

Increased voice of business to government and media


Representing more than 125 Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, along with 36,000 businesses of every size, sector, and region of the province, the BC Chamber of Commerce is "The Voice of Business" in BC. Unique in their approach, the BC Chamber of Commerce effectively leverages data collected with consent to influence government economic policy, create new revenue streams, and modernize the brand.

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Business Challenge

Changing policy and legislation takes a long time. It begins with advocacy, a cumbersome, lengthy process that is largely dependent on data collected from slow and expensive sources with limited reach. Consequently, the Chamber’s overall influence on the government was limited in the data space, the scope of their activities was constrained by circumstance, and their ability to generate media coverage was impeded. Moreover, the entire process was a drain on their resources and budget.


To overcome this legacy of data gaps and fractured engagement, the BC Chamber of Commerce activated BCMindReader.com. Since businesses consent to give ongoing feedback, BCMindReader.com is always on, and people are excited about having their voices heard. Now the Chamber can engage businesses from every size, sector, and region of BC’s economy to uncover agile insight that represents both regional and provincial business interests.

The Chamber uses this data to make policy recommendations to all levels of government. For example, insight from BCMindReader.com helped drive the conversation around bringing ridesharing to BC and ultimately the BC government ultimately passed ridesharing legislation in December 2018.

The Chamber’s media strategy is also integrated with BCMindReader.com. Media gets exclusive access to stories, which helps the newsroom scale and get great coverage on the perspective of business.

Through leveraging access to BCMindReader.com, the Chamber has identified new revenue streams including paid partnerships with the BC Government (labor market surveys) and the private sector.

Overall, having access to the perspective of businesses through BCMindReader.com has transformed and modernized the brand, giving the BC Chamber of Commerce a stronger voice when it comes to government policy, increased media coverage, and opened up new revenue streams.

Access to business perspective represents new revenue opportunity

Generated $75K in ad equivalency with just one story

Increased voice of business to government and media

The community has legitimized our position as the leading voice of business in BC. It has enhanced our relationship with the government and transformed our interactions with the media. Improvements that are win-win for everyone. For us specifically this journey has also uncovered new and exciting revenue streams that complement our mission and vision as an organization.

-Val Litwin, President and CEO, BC Chamber of Commerce

Our strength has always been our size and our brand—but now it’s also our insights. In an age where data is king, BCMindReader.com helps us quickly and effectively tap into demographic segments, regions and sectors so we can focus and prioritize our policy and advocacy efforts with much greater affect.

-Val Litwin, President and CEO, BC Chamber of Commerce

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