Boston Pizza

How a restaurant chain invites customers to improve the dining experience

61,000+ surveys completed

Kids meal sales increased by 9%


Boston Pizza is Canada’s leading casual dining brand, serving more than 40 million customers in over 365 restaurants across the country.

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De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

In the increasingly demanding fast food industry, consumers expect better food, greater choice and quicker service—at low prices.


To gather the customer intelligence necessary to make real-time product and marketing decisions, and remain competitive, the company launched BP Test Kitchen, an insight community of over 13,000 members.

Boston Pizza needed timely research results to help answer seemingly simple but potentially costly product and marketing questions. BP Test Kitchen members give feedback on pizza flavors and campaign messages, and respond in a matter of hours, not the six to eight weeks that’s typical of most market research. Since its launch in 2013, insight community members have completed more than 61,000 surveys (and counting).

Boston Pizza’s advertising team needed clear direction on customer preferences for a revamp of a kids-targeted program. The BP Test Kitchen gave feedback on the program’s price point and menu options. Customers especially liked a proposed create-your-own-sundae dessert option, and engaged most with ads that featured lower prices. Customer intelligence informed the program’s ad campaign, which increased kids meal sales by nine percent.

Boston Pizza’s management wanted to drive more sales of its pasta offerings, but was unsure how. They turned to the BP Test Kitchen, whose members said they would be most interested in a bold and spicy flavor on the pasta menu. This customer feedback helped the company narrow its focus, developing an innovative menu item that ended up being a big success.

61,000+ surveys completed

Kids meal sales increased by 9%

Feedback is instantaneous, so we can take it directly to our executives to inform the direction of our business.

-Matthew Borges, Marketing Analytics and Research Manager, Boston Pizza International

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