How BuzzFeed uncovers actionable, real-time insight into trends and market opportunities to augment behavioral data and unstructured social media metrics

Enriches partner programs

Accelerates decision making

Exposes and explores new whitespace market opportunities


Pioneers in viral content development and audience engagement, BuzzFeed generates revenue from a combination of advertising, studio development, brand licensing, merchandising and more. As the business matures, they are exploring ways to maintain high-levels of audience engagement and diversify revenue streams by becoming more audience-focused, data-driven, and efficient.

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Marketing effectiveness

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De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

BuzzFeed is always exploring new partnerships and product lines to monetize their unique ability to engage millennials. A wealth of data exists on tracking viewer behavior and social signals, and BuzzFeed wanted to add an additional layer of contextual understanding of their audience to support their expansion strategies.


The Buzzkeepers insight community allows BuzzFeed to connect with thousands of highly engaged, opted-in audience members continuously over time to deepen their understanding of audience behavior. Agile insight that is seamlessly integrated into both long-term strategic planning and time-sensitive tactical decisions. Their member hub is the focal point of the community and brings members together in an exclusive, content rich environment that complements the BuzzFeed brand. A VIP-type experience that resonates with millennial viewers and drives ongoing engagement with the community.

Enriches partner programs

Accelerates decision making

Exposes and explores new whitespace market opportunities

BuzzKeepers and the Member Hub deliver an experience that solidifies the relationship we have with our audience and deepens the engagement we depend on to support our business at all levels.

-Ashmeed Ali, Senior Director, Head of Market and Brand Research, BuzzFeed

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