Cabot Creamery

Increasing revenue, defending shelf space, and refining marketing strategy with a deep understanding of consumer preferences

Saved large amount of overall yogurt sales

Protected butter sales in New England

Increased research activities by 5x


The Cabot Creamery Cooperative is an American dairy agricultural cooperative, owned by 800 farm families throughout New York and New England. A “Certified B Corporation” that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, Cabot manages four plants in three states, employing over 1,000 people. They are best known for their award-winning cheeses made with love and pride in Cabot and Middlebury, Vermont and Chateaugay, NY.

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Marketing effectiveness

Product innovation

Business Outcome:

Accelerate innovation

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

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Business Challenge

Cabot Creamery has an engaged and loyal consumer base. They know their end consumers select specific retailers if they carry “destination products”—marquee items like cheddar cheese for example. However, as sales numbers shift and products do not perform as expected, Cabot Creamery did not have a viable, repeatable way to engage consumers directly for insights into sales performance, new products, and promotions. As a result, they made major marketing, product, and promotional decisions based on gut instinct, and in some cases the opinions of small focus groups. The traditional methods of feedback they relied on were too slow and expensive to produce a regular cadence of insight. Cabot Creamery needed a better way to quickly gather consumer-validated insight at scale to improve their products, increase sales by defending and growing shelf space, and introduce the voice of consumer across the business.


To prove the value of their products to retailers with data-backed insight, Cabot Creamery launched the Cabot Creamery Insiders made up 5000+ end consumers who have given their explicit consent to provide direct feedback. With an average response rate of 40% and the ability to run multiple studies a month, Cabot now integrates direct consumer feedback into their marketing efforts, product innovation, sales presentations, and strategy sessions.

Additionally, the ability to progressively profile consumers over time enables Cabot to track how consumer preferences differ across regions, age ranges, favorite retailers, and a variety of other profile variables like shopping and product preferences. In short, they take retail and syndicated which is widely available and use the Insiders to reframe the feedback and dig into the most important issues and questions. Feeding that data back to their retail partners helps them defend critical shelf space and grow long-term retail partnerships.

Providing retailer specific insights saved Cabot Creamery potential lost revenue and defended shelf space in two product categories—butter and yogurt. POS and Insiders data also helped Cabot position themselves as a provider of “destination” products with key retailers and identified a new market entry point. This early success in marketing has accelerated the move to truly consumer-centric decisions across the enterprise.

Saved large amount of overall yogurt sales

Protected butter sales in New England

Increased research activities by 5x

By utilizing our Cabot Insiders insight community we were able to maintain shelf space in the highly competitive yogurt category in one of our key retailers. The speed of results along with the direct communication to consumers and their affinity to the Cabot brand helped make our case and save our shelf space. There are many opportunities to help drive our business forward with this agile insight.

-Kurt Weber, SVP Sales, Cabot Creamery

The ability to quickly turn around insights and share the results with multiple departments and key decision makers at Cabot has made engaging the insiders an integral part of new product planning and marketing strategy decisions.

-Amy Levine, Director of Marketing, Cabot Creamery

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