“Our insight communities allow us to increase consumer confidence about the products we sell and create more brand ambassadors.”

—Cedric Painvin
Manager of Customer Insights and Research

Elevating marketing campaigns with customer insight

Over the past century, Canadian Tire evolved from a small automotive business into Canada’s largest retailer, with 1,700 stores and $12.28 billion in annual revenue. Changing customer expectations and heightened competition challenged the company’s leadership to reinforce its position as a top retailer. One way the company addressed this challenge was to launch Tested for Life, an insight community created for product testing and the basis of an award-winning marketing campaign. Since its launch in 2014, the 15,000-member community has reviewed and given the Tested for Life seal of approval to some 1,000 products (and counting).

Reducing negative quality perception by 25 percent

Before it had the Tested For Life insight community, the marketing team relied on a myriad of spreadsheets to manage data. The team needed to improve collaboration and the process of sorting and profiling customer testers. With an insight community, the process is streamlined and multiple stakeholders can access deeper insight. Stakeholders now know who testers are, how, where and why they’re buying, and what drives product choice. Empowered by information, the company makes informed decisions on product innovation and future partnerships and merchants. Over a two-year span, negative quality perception among customers dropped by 25 percent.

How Canadian Tire benefits from our software

Understands target market

Validates and optimizes marketing message

Supports smart product decisions

Strengthens customer loyalty and advocacy

Saving on annual research costs

The company launched another insight community, the Canadian Tire Customer Community, for more in-depth research on topics such as price point and brand. Response rates are high: in just one year, 78 percent of members in both communities participated in 92 studies. And because feedback from the communities comes within days, the company’s marketing team is able to make decisions at the speed of business. Despite increasing internal research demands, the team has reduced reliance on third-party consultants, saving in annual vendor costs.

Empowering customers to inform product innovation

The two insight communities provide Canadian Tire with a direct line of communication to thousands of engaged customers who want to share their opinions and see the business succeed. For example, the company created prototypes for clip-on holiday season lights based entirely on testers’ feedback. When the final product went to market, sales far exceeded expectations.

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