“We see our insight community as an ongoing conversation with the people we serve. Meaningful engagement gives us richer insight and ensures that loyal customers know they have a genuine stake in the future of our company.”

—Alex McGowan
General Manager, Sales and Distribution, Cathay Pacific Airways

Meeting the demands of a changing travel industry

Cathay Pacific, the largest Hong Kong airline, flies approximately one million passengers every month to 200 destinations in 52 countries. The airline industry is increasingly competitive, with rising fuel costs and new entrants. Cathay Pacific, to meet the demands of its customers and drive loyalty, wanted to bring customers closer to business decisions and gather deeper intelligence into their changing expectations. The solution: Cathay Insights, an insight community of more than 10,000 customers.

Bringing the voice of the customer into decisions

Just two weeks after the launch of Cathay Insights, the company successfully recruited 5,000 members; over the next two years, membership doubled. The insight community has an impressive 87 percent retention rate and 47 percent response rate. More importantly, Cathay Pacific discovered that having ongoing conversations not only improves customer collaboration with internal stakeholders, but provides a deeper diagnosis into business challenges.

How Cathay Pacific benefits from our software

Integrates the voice of the customer across the organization

Encourages stakeholders to collaborate with customers

Helps inform executive board decisions

Refines brand strategy and marketing

Improves the end product and experience

Listens to target audiences in local markets

Improving key passenger touch points with customer intelligence

Through Cathay Insights, the airline engages with thousands of customers in over 17 countries. Members regularly participate in engagement activities, providing feedback to help shape their experiences with the airline. For example, the community has engaged in conversations about in-flight experiences, new product concepts such as amenity kits, as well as airport lounge design, marketing and advertising campaigns and website navigation.

Collaborating with customers to safeguard investments

Cathay Pacific wanted to redesign its lounges and began with its flagship Hong Kong airport location. The company asked Cathay Insights members to stop by next time they traveled through the airport, and give feedback on the experience and design. Within one week, Cathay Pacific had 60 detailed reports, which helped inform the redesign of several international lounges. By collaborating with customers and understanding their needs, the company had greater confidence in its multimillion-dollar redesign investments.

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