“The future is unknown—it’s constantly evolving. The customer intelligence we capture through our insight community helps us understand our female shoppers, so we can meet their needs and be with them through changes.”

—Ivy Boehm
Senior Director, Consumer Insights, Chico’s

Keeping customers close as the business expands

Over 30 years ago, Chico’s opened its first women’s clothing shop on Florida’s Sanibel Island. As the company grew into a leading retailer with over 700 locations in multiple countries, it needed to stay in touch with its loyal shoppers—just as it had in the past. The solution: Chat with Chico’s, an insight community of 14,000 women who continuously provide feedback on how the retailer can improve products, marketing efforts and store design. The community allowed Chico’s to maintain a close relationship with its customers, keeping them engaged and coming back.

Understanding how to connect with target consumers

Chat with Chico’s played a fundamental role throughout major shifts in the retail industry. For example, insight helped the brand better understand the post-recession and tech-savvy female customer. Chico’s customers were less frivolous and more mindful of spending habits. They also made better use of the many digital options available and were more likely to buy online and on mobile. Feedback highlighted how customers wanted a mobile-friendly, simple user experience when purchasing from and communicating with the brand.

How Chico’s benefits from our software

Ties customer feedback to transactional data

Validates direction of marketing campaigns

Identifies business strengths and areas for improvement

Understands how customer expectations are changing

Keeps customers at the heart of the business

Improves mobile communications with consumers

Tying customer feedback with sales data

Chico’s used its community in another innovative way by tying member feedback to transactional data. This allowed the brand to make correlations between customer insight and purchase history; for example, what spending habits consumers have, how long they’ve been a customer of Chico’s and what they last bought or plan to purchase. Insight helped Chico’s learn from past experience to improve discussions, add context, build loyalty and drive smarter decisions.

Testing products with the people who matter most

Chico’s wanted to gather customer feedback on a new style of pants. The company launched a series of wear tests with insight community members, giving them free merchandise in exchange for real-time feedback. Feedback revealed that many shoppers were unclear how to pair the new pants with shoes and their existing wardrobe. To ensure the product’s success, Chico’s used the marketing campaign to educate consumers and show them how to wear the latest trend.

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