Crew Clothing

Thanks to ‘The Crew Club’, Crew Clothing now understands their customer better than ever before.

8% increase in sales YOY

25% increase in ATV for members

22% increase in blog traffic


In an increasingly volatile retail climate, Crew Clothing made the transformation to a more innovative, customer-focused organisation. In order to satisfy the constantly evolving wants and needs of their customers, Crew identified the need to form a closer, more meaningful relationship with their customers.

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Product Managers

Use case:

Customer experience

Business Outcome:

Improve customer satisfaction

Business Challenge

During the last five years the UK retail market has been particularly challenging, with even the most firm high-street favourites unable to withstand the pressure. As customer expectations continued to increase, Crew realised that they were often designing products and adopting marketing strategies for who they imagined their customer to be, without the solid customer insight to support this.


Crew’s insight community ‘The Crew Club’ has played a vital role in their transformation to a more insights-driven organisation, and empowered the team to inject the voice of the customer into every key business decision.

The ongoing and in-depth customer insight has empowered the team to make more agile, customer-led, and profitable decisions. 

They have made huge strides in product optimisation, store layouts, and design. Marketing has also greatly benefitted from these insights in terms of engagement, response rates, and traffic - with one example being the 22% increase in blog traffic after their blog was renamed by the community.

The 2-way dialogue that Crew has established with their customers through the community has also allowed them to demonstrate that customer feedback actively influences key business decisions, as well as the product road-map.

8% increase in sales YOY

25% increase in ATV for members

22% increase in blog traffic

We are no longer designing for, and marketing to who we imagine the Crew customer to be. Thanks to the ongoing insight from our community we now understand our customer better than ever.

-Thomas Whelan, Customer Insight and CRM Manager, Crew Clothing

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