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How Exterion Media gathers insight from a traditionally hard-to-reach audience


Exterion Media needed a tool to help them provide insight to media and advertising agencies about a traditionally hard-to-reach audience.

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Business Challenge

Exterion Media, formerly CBS Outdoor UK, specializes in out-of-home advertising to urban audiences for leading brands across a range of sectors. Operating as a B2B media company comes with its challenges. Consumers are often unaware of the brand, making the process of gathering customer intelligence difficult.

In the past, Exterion relied on one or two research projects per year—an expensive, limited approach to finding out information about the attitudes, opinions and motivations of urbanites.

Exterion Media needed a way to engage continuously, in real time, with the urban audience their advertisers were trying to reach.


Exterion Media worked with Vision Critical to launch work.shop.play, an insight community composed of 10,000 urban consumers. To recruit members to the community, Exterion used their own advertising inventory, tapping digital campaigns and forging partnerships with other media owners, such as Time Out.

Through the work.shop.play insight community, Exterion engages urban consumers for their thoughts and opinions on advertisements and for insight into what motivates them to buy products and services.

Media and advertising agencies can turn to work.shop.play for meaningful feedback and insight from the traditionally hard-to-reach urban consumer audience.

“Our insight community is a powerful tool that provides sales teams with a regular stream of current insights and marketing collateral in an industry known to use outdated data,” says Gemma Proctor, head of marketing and business development at Exterion Media. “Work.shop.play enables the sales teams to credibly and with authority communicate and collaborate with clients in advising them on the best way to connect with their audiences.”

Prior to launching their community, Exterion Media didn’t have an audience-facing identity. Now, work.shop.play has become the company’s consumer facing brand. “It’s great to travel around cities in the UK and see an advertising campaign for our insight community,” says Proctor. “The fact that people come and join our community as a result of seeing these campaigns is absolutely fantastic.”

The community has been so successful for Exterion Media that in 2012, the business was awarded Outdoor Sales Team of the Year by Campaign Magazine, In-House Media Owner Research Team of the Year at the MRG Awards and Website of the Day by Pocket-lint.

Regular interaction with urban audiences has given Exterion Media a level of engagement and understanding that no other outdoor media company currently offers.

-Gemma Proctor, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Exterion Media

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