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How Fairfax Media delivers superior product experiences to drive subscription growth

360° customer view

Real-time data push to internal communication channels

2.6x YOY increase in research studies


Fairfax Media, a leading multi-platform media company in Australia, have created an insight-driven, customer-centric engine through integration of customer data across six online communities. By connecting transactional, attitudinal and behavioural data, Fairfax Media have developed a 360-degree view of digital audiences.

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Use case:

Customer experience

Business Outcome:

Improve customer satisfaction

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

With the media industry facing a decline in print revenue, Fairfax Media saw a need to shift its focus to the digital realm and grow both digital subscriptions and online ad revenue.


Partnering with Vision Critical, Fairfax Media established six distinct online communities, across multiple publications and platforms, to better understand audience segments, specific needs and behaviours.

With the recent re-launch of several masthead websites, Fairfax Media supported real-time improvements in customer experience by leveraging holistic customer data and platform integrations.

360° customer view

Real-time data push to internal communication channels

2.6x YOY increase in research studies

The Fairfax Reader Panel became our compass, allowing us to work through our hypotheses quickly, methodically and cost-effectively, while surfacing new insights to set our product development on the right course. Now, as we move into app production, we can test our concepts and prototypes on a weekly basis to help us iterate with confidence.

-Ben Haywood, Product Director, Fairfax Media

The community helps us understand ‘customer truth’ and enables us to regularly validate and sense check business questions. With a continuously expanding community we are loving the ‘genuine feedback conversations’ that we are having with our members.

-Janani Venkataraman, Research Manager, Product and Audience Insights, Fairfax Media

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