Fnac Darty

Discover how Fnac Darty integrated the voice of the customer into strategic decisions across the business

Reduction in research costs

10,000 members in total

Real-time customer insights


Delivering an outstanding personalised customer experience is now a must to stay ahead in retail. Fnac Darty is the European retail leader in entertainment and leisure products, consumer electronics and household appliances. With 720+ stores in 11 countries, they needed a unified, customer-centric approach to retention and loyalty.

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Customer Experience

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Marketing effectiveness

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De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Continuous budget cuts within the research department at Fnac meant that the team needed to improve efficiency, and do more with less. Historically, they were reliant on external partners for research who were often expensive and slow to deliver results.


By investing in a relationship-based approach to insight, they have established a genuine dialogue and relationship with their customers. The customer insight available to them now is very rich and detailed with high response rates, which highlights the commitment and engagement from their members.

This has empowered the team to better understand its market and target customer, meaning they can make more informed strategic and operational decisions. The community was central to the rebuilding of the company's business model. It has influenced product innovations, store layouts and customer experience initiatives.

Stakeholders across the business are now more committed to integrating the voice of the customer into their day-to-day decisions to help them build the Fnac of tomorrow. They measure ROI in terms of delivering better advertising and conversion, savings in research costs and the speed of insight.

Reduction in research costs

10,000 members in total

Real-time customer insights

Vision Critical offers us so much more than a survey tool, we are given the opportunity to build a genuine and ongoing relationship with our customers.

-Jean-Etienne Philippe, Head of Customer Experience Studies & Marketing Insights, Fnac Darty

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