George Weston Foods

How the George Weston Foods bakery business found growth in a mature category

#1 most successful TV campaign

23% uplift in purchase frequency for Golden bakery

$3.6M in incremental unit sales


George Weston Food’s bakery business, the Tip Top company, is the leading bakery provider across ANZ. By using its insight community to co-create growth ideas with customers, Tip Top found growth in a mature category, delivering $104 million in NPD retail sales over 2 years.

Fast Facts


Consumer goods



Use case:

Marketing effectiveness

Product innovation

Business Outcome:

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Tip Top recognised that for its ambitious growth plans to be successful, it had to confirm Australia’s willingness for new stories from familiar brands. With limited ability to explore ideas thoroughly, Tip Top needed a way to enrich their data stores not only around current consumer behaviours, but also attitudes, emotions and intent toward potential repositioning and new product launches.


In one example, Tip Top needed to reinvigorate ‘Golden’, a 50 year old distinctive brand that had foregone marketing efforts for the past decade. Unsure how any changes to branding or tone would affect the market, Tip Top engaged its online community to develop a campaign that target consumers found engaging and consistent with Golden brand equity.  After working with the community to optimise the campaign, “Unleash the Golden Crumpet” became one of the most successful TV commercials Tip Top has ever had, delivering $3.6 million in incremental unit sales.

#1 most successful TV campaign

23% uplift in purchase frequency for Golden bakery

$3.6M in incremental unit sales

For us at Tip Top, the power of insight-driven decision making driven that Vision Critical has enabled is unparalleled in value for our team, business and stakeholders.

-Amy Saha, Head of Insights, George Weston Foods

Access to consumers like what we have in Bakery Conversations is essential, given all the competitive pressures on marketing in today’s environment.

-Justine Cotter, Head of Brands & Communications, George Weston Foods

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