A deeper understanding of customer attitudes, emotion and intent delivers real-time insight for ongoing development sprints

Reduced costly mistakes

Developed and shared more accurate personas

Accelerated product development


To make truly insight-driven decisions, GoDaddy has integrated the customer intelligence function into every step of their product development and UX workflow. The ability to deliver agile, customer-validated insight on-demand reduces risk and accelerates product innovation.

Fast Facts




Product Managers

Use case:

Customer experience

Product innovation

Business Outcome:

Improve customer satisfaction

Accelerate innovation

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

To deliver on the expectations of a customer-obsessed culture, the UX and development teams at GoDaddy needed in-the-moment access to their customers’ attitudes, emotion and intent. The company needed insight that traditional engagement tools, focus groups and user testing struggle to deliver in a structured, timely and scalable way.


The GoDaddy Customer Council delivers actionable insight in as little as 3 days, making it possible for the UX and development teams to quickly get the insight they need. With their insight community, GoDaddy builds and maintains deep customer profiles that are used to rapidly engage hyper-targeted customer groups, based on specific interests and preferences. The quick and consistent flow of insight allows GoDaddy’s product development and go-to-market teams to refine their strategies and accelerate their innovation cycle. The speed and efficiency enables GoDaddy’s research team to run nearly twice as many research activities in the same time period without impacting their budget or resourcing.

Reduced costly mistakes

Developed and shared more accurate personas

Accelerated product development

Our insight community provides customer feedback at the speed required by our business and at a fraction of the cost of panel responses.

-Cassie Mally, Director, UX Research, GoDaddy

Our insight community’s speed, efficiency and effectiveness has led to rapid adoption across the enterprise, including marketing, UX and product marketing.

-Lori Iventosch-James, Senior Director, Customer Experience & Marketing Research, GoDaddy

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