“When we have projects that require quick turnaround, everyone at Hyundai relies on our insight community to get the answers.”

—Elijah Kim
Senior Manager, Market Research, Hyundai Motor America

Driving customer centricity

Since its founding in 1986, Hyundai Motor America, a subsidiary of the multinational automotive manufacturer, has built a strong reputation for efficient and affordable cars. The company prides itself for manufacturing most of its cars in the U.S., and for supporting the creation of more than 30,000 jobs in the country. The auto industry, however, faces enormous challenges. Consumers expect innovation. New technologies and business models are threatening to disrupt the space. To navigate these changes, the company launched Hyundai Listens, an insight community of 5,000 consumers who own a Hyundai vehicle, in 2014.

Supporting customer-led decisions

With an insight community on the Sparq platform, Hyundai gathers consumer insight much faster than traditional methods. According to Elijah Kim, senior manager of market research at Hyundai Motor America, a key benefit of using Vision Critical is the ability to get insight quickly and continuously. Different departments engage the community to support decision-making and build an authentic relationship with Hyundai owners. Members of the community see that they have an impact on Hyundai’s business decisions, so they’re responsive to activities. If different departments need a pulse on how Hyundai owners think and feel, they know they can tap into the insight community to get new ideas or validate their assumptions.

How Hyundai benefits from insight communities

Fosters customer-led decision making

Tests advertising ideas and concepts

Helps shape product concepts and future vehicles

Supports next-generation feature development

Developing better products

Feedback from Hyundai Listens directly impacts product decisions. Consumer input supports every stage in the product lifecycle, including research on new features, next-generation products, go-to-market strategy and their ownership experience. For example, the company validates many feature ideas to see if they’re worth pursuing. The company also leans on Hyundai Listens to get input on how products and services should be named, helping ensure that the language resonates with its target audience. By having an always-on platform where it can engage directly with Hyundai owners, the company can easily ask consumers for their opinions on future product ideas.

Improving advertising and building brands

Hyundai owners help shape marketing strategies and tactics. In one example, the company used its insight community to test a “rough-cut” of a potentially controversial commercial. Community members provided specific feedback on what they liked and disliked about the ad, which allowed the company to make edits and improvements before the commercial aired.

The company also listens to Hyundai owners as it pursues brand extension projects. In fact, to support the launch of Genesis, its new luxury brand, the company is launching a new Genesis Owner insight community. For Hyundai Motor America, engaging with owners using insight communities helps uncover what it needs to do to meet the rising expectations of consumers.

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