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How the Institute of Directors found a cost-effective way of getting feedback from members


The Institute of Directors (IoD) is one of the most influential and well-respected membership organizations in the UK. Member opinion at IoD serves as a critical contribution to the organization’s Royal Charter obligations, influencing public policy, shaping debate and guiding decisions.

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Marketing effectiveness

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De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

For the IoD, engaging with their membership (a group of extremely busy individuals) was proving to be a challenge. Coupled with the economic downturn, lengthy and often times expensive research methods forced the non-profit organization to cut budgets and look for a faster, more cost-effective way of getting member feedback.


In 2008, the IoD launched Policy Voice, an engaged community of 3,000 members that the non-profit organization could reach out to on a monthly basis for feedback and insight.

By using the right tone of voice, engaging topics and respecting member availability, the IoD was able to obtain high member engagement and participation.

In June 2014, the Institute of Directors used their community to gain a better understanding of UK salary scales and compensation. While typically a sensitive subject, through the use of their community, the IoD was able to gather unparalleled insight and gain a deeper understanding of this delicate subject.

Policy Voice gave IoD members the opportunity to have their voices heard in the highest echelons of government and Whitehall, which has reinforced the relationships with its members and improved member retention.

The insight gained from Policy Voice quickly began influencing public policy and has gained substantial media coverage. It became crucial to helping the IoD remain an influential and respected membership organization in the UK.

The Policy Voice insight community makes a crucial contribution to every government consultation we respond to and every policy paper published. The IoD has been able to maintain its thought leadership, influence public policy and generate substantial media coverage in a robust and representative way.

-Ingrid Farmer, Head of Policy Operations and Policy Voice, Institute of Directors

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