How Intuit relies on an insight community to speedily gather and respond to client input


A leader in tax and financial management, Intuit offers accounting solutions that are used by more professionals than any other company in North America. Each new year ushers in a wide range of changes to tax codes and reporting requirements, so vendors like Intuit need to stay nimble.

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Insights professionals

Product Managers

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Customer experience

Marketing effectiveness

Business Outcome:

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Intuit’s customers demand faster and simpler tools to help them prepare financial and tax reports. To maintain their leadership position, Intuit needed a constant stream of effective and relevant new products.

The duration of the traditional research process restricted Intuit’s ability to be responsive; the data it had worked so hard to collect was no longer actionable by the time it is received.


Intuit and Vision Critical built the Accounting Professional Research Panel comprised of accountants who rely on its software products. Intuit’s market research team knew that the rapid, accessible and sophisticated findings of an insight community would yield more reliable insights, leading to more appropriate product development.

The company’s product managers trust results from the insight community to guide the direction of product engineering.

The company now has the ability to quickly and easily translate customer requests and feedback into tangible product changes.

Intuit’s community allows the company to do more research faster than ever and ensures the voice of the customer is infused throughout the organization. While reducing its budget was not initially an objective, overall market research spend has dropped while the number of projects has increased. Vision Critical’s Insight Community technology has increased efficiency and created a revolutionary form of dialogue between Intuit and its clients.

Vision Critical is responsive, understands our unique research needs, and is more than willing to do whatever we ask…nothing rattles Vision Critical.

-Eric Rothdeutsch, Manager of Customer and Market Insights, Intuit

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