Jam City

Feedback from passionate players helps Jam City build momentum in a competitive and dynamic space

30% higher Net Promoter Score

Enhances game design

Optimizes marketing launch


A global leader in mobile entertainment, Jam City is the creative powerhouse behind some of the highest grossing and most enduring social gaming franchises for mobile, including Cookie Jam (Facebook “Game of the Year” winner) and Panda Pop.

Fast Facts


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Insights professionals

Product Managers

Use case:

Customer experience

Product innovation

Business Outcome:

Improve customer satisfaction

Accelerate innovation

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Player preferences were evolving quickly. They had an unlimited amount of entertainment options at their fingertips, and hundreds of games were entering the market daily.

Jam City had momentum, with many of its franchises growing at a healthy rate. The company was also preparing to launch multiple exciting, new games. To continue building success, Jam City needed to better understand players to deliver experiences and innovations that meet their entertainment preferences.

Jam City’s leadership team, along with the research and analytics team, saw an opportunity to build deeper relationships with the company’s most valued players. Learning about gameplay motivations was key to keeping players engaged and driving innovation for years to come.


Jam City Insiders is a community made up of the company’s most active players. The community helps shape the game design process, marketing and business strategy.

In one example, the company engaged the community to understand the potential of a game in development. Over a series of studies, community members tested an early version of the game, providing feedback on narrative, characters and other game elements.

Today, feedback from the community helps enhance content, player rewards and social media features. Behavioral data shows that members of the Insiders community become more engaged in the Jam City games they play.

30% higher Net Promoter Score

Enhances game design

Optimizes marketing launch

The Insider community has allowed the company to gain insights into what our most passionate players want and has helped us innovate in mobile gaming. Developing relationships with our players is a central part of our development cycle. Our community has led to better business decisions and, most importantly, better player experiences.

-Josh Yguado, President and COO, Jam City

By listening to our players throughout the entire development process, our Community has helped us make better business decisions and has significantly improved our player experiences, ultimately reflecting our player first culture.

-Lisa Spano, VP, Consumer Insights, Jam City

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