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How Jetstar Airways uses insights to build customer satisfaction

Nearly 60,000 surveys completed

$1.2m research cost savings


Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-fares airline that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas. Jetstar’s Customer Panel community is 35,000 members strong across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Japan.

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Use case:

Customer experience

Business Outcome:

Improve customer satisfaction

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Delighting their customers was tricky without customer validation, which was either ad hoc or untracked before the establishment of the community. With measurable and trackable feedback, the airline can be sure they’re making decisions that give their customers what they want.


Recent survey results made it possible to relaunch Club Jetstar with confidence by validating the inclusion or exclusion of specific features. A key objective was grasping customer preferences between quick, sporadic deals, and everyday value. With the community expressing a clear preference for quick deals, the airline could focus on building a business case for change, marketing Club Jetstar, and getting to market quicker.

Jetstar shares back real decisions the airline makes, and they use the Customer Panel to make informed decisions quickly, such as which brand of coffee to serve in-flight. They also give customers a “seat at the table” for major strategic moves, like finding exciting new destinations to fly to. Surveys are usually no longer than seven minutes. A poll on immediate gut reactions about a new partnership with Airbnb meant Jetstar could get the insights they needed, without having to build a full experience survey.

Working with Vision Critical, Jetstar has overwhelmingly increased their customer insights, with nearly 60,000 surveys completed – almost 9,700 from Australia/New Zealand, close to 39,000 from Japan, and nearly 10,000 from Singapore. Previously, it could cost up to $15 per interview, plus roughly 30% for consultancy fees. That’s about $1.2m for the surveys completed so far.

Nearly 60,000 surveys completed

$1.2m research cost savings

Running the Club Jetstar survey helped us validate what our customers want from a paid membership program. The insights helped shape our marketing message, ensuring that we’re communicating the benefits that are most appealing to our customers.

-Nicole Kulma, Senior Marketing Advisor, Jetstar

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